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Unlimited Data on Cricket


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I just went to check plans on Cricket and must have missed the announcement. They have an Unlimited 4G Data plan for $70($65 on autopay). I have not read the fine print yet. I just switched to Cricket and other than not knowing that ATT has gone to 10 digit dialing it is working well. I have not tethered my phone yet(that is why I went to the website). After seeing the new plan I need to do some thinking but am leaning toward it.


Bummer-just read some of the fine print and no tethering on new plan, yet.

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Yes, you're right. I've been checking their website because the coverage looks OK for where we travel. I just had a CHAT with an agent and she confirmed that the $10 per month mobile hotspot is not available on the $70 per month unlimited plan...yet. So perhaps, in the future, it will be.

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Still, 10G on the $60 plan is good. I had a phone and a hot spot and was paying, for 5G, around $86/month 7 months of the year(when I used the hot spot), $45 for the phone and $41 for the hot spot. It was actually more since I would run use up 5G in about 3 weeks and had to renew the plan. I will be going with the $60 and 10G + $10 for tethering my phone when we hit the road in July. According to my phone I can tether up to 10 devices. All this is plenty for me. When off the road I will just drop back to the $40 plan.


I doubt Cricket will open the unlimited plan to tethering. If they do I would jump on it since I don't think the offer will last long.

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I switched from Verizon to one of Cricket's prepaid plans

a few months back. One word of warning

though - at one RV park I was literally within spitting

distance of an ATT tower but apparently it was not owned, but

leased, to ATT. My understanding is that only plans that are under contract

had access to the third party tower.

Check the coverage area.I had a similar issue last summerin

Culbertson, Mt. with Verizon's network.

All in all though, I'm quite happy with Cricket.

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