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East Coast Rally Presentation, Pictures, and Videos


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Most of the presentations are posted on the rally site, and pictures are starting to get organized and published. If you have pictures or video you'd like to contribute, send an e-mail/link to rallyinfo@eastcoasthdtrally.com and we'd be glad to include them.




Gregg is still editing and uploading videos, but he has gotten a couple posted:

https://youtu.be/4krOcWMWOkI (warning: lots of big truck parts in little car).


Here's the "tour" and a few arrivals:



I hope everyone had a good time, and that you all have safe trips to your next destinations. Just as a reminder, if you're planning on coming back next year, call Kim at Deer Run and let her know as soon as possible if you'd like to keep the same site.

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