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Legal help with no lemon law state


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In May 2014 we purchased a 17ft. Northland Travel trailer, I live in Washington where there is no lemon law.


We have had problems right from the beginning. First the trailer brakes didn't work took them almost 2 months and flying in a person from the manufacture to fix them.


Then there was a problem with the heater, fixed it now it is not working properly again.

Electric awning top pieces cracked and broke, then the lifts snapped (don't know what else to call them)

Then we had two different water leaks from the plumbing under the sink.

Now we have found massive water damage in the rear corner under the storage compartment and they can't figure out where the water is coming from. This trailer is just less then 2 years old, out of warranty and I have no lemon law in Washington to protect me. Are there any options left to me? They said the water damage is pretty bad so I am guessing it is going to be very costly to fix it.



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While I welcome you to the Escapees forums, sorry to hear that it was problems which brought you to us. We will do all that we know how in order to help and support you.


The furnace problem and the awning issues were probably not the fault of the RV builder but rather from the manufacturer of the involved appliance. they usually have their own warranty by the appliance builder. Water leaks in plumbing and in the RV skin are clearly problems from the RV manufacturer.


It seems that the builder of your RV, Northland Industries has been bought out by Pacific Coachworks in Paris, CA in April 2015 and no longer exists. That greatly complicates things but I still believe that it may be time to try and contact the builder of the RV. You can contact Pacific Coachworks via the internet from this link, by email at info@pacificcoachworks.com , or by phone (208-442-1815 / 951-686-7294).

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Thank you for your help.

The heater was a builder problem as it had been installed incorrectly the first time.

The awning was put on by the dealership and I think they didn't install it correctly which caused it to break.

I have sent Pacific Coachworks an email we will see what they say. But I would hope since they just purchased Northland they would want to help protect their own reputations and help make this right.

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It has always been the same -- very little changes! You get what you pay for! There is good quality and junk. As a consumer we make the best choice we can, usually based on the dollars we are willing to spend and the research we have done prior to purchase. Also, not being sweet talked into a pile of junk by a slick salesperson!


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