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Question about aging tires


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Hi guys,


I wondered if I could get your thoughts on something. I have a tire question. It's about a set of tires on a utility trailer.


The tires are about 4 years old. They were mounted on the trailer wheels new in 2012. They've been driven a total of about 2,000 miles and have been outside in various elements of the weather for about 1-1/2 years. The rest of the time, about 2-1/2 years (on and off), they've been parked inside of a dark (no windows) storage unit, occasionally getting the tires rotated to a new position if it sits for a while (so it's not sitting on the same patch of rubber continuously).


So, the question is, has having the trailer in a dark storage unit, out of the elements, and away from sunlight, done anything to extend the useful life of those tires? Or would I still be looking at the same 6 year window where they should be replaced, regardless of how good they may appear? They really do appear to be in good condition and have not begun to show any signs of dry rot or cracking of any kind. I just don't know if it's foolish to think they'll enjoy any longer longevity because of their exile in the dark of a storage unit.


Whatcha think?




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The killer for tires is non-use. The emoluments in the compound that protect the tire body are not active when a tire sits idle. And ozone is everywhere not just where there is sunlight.


I had a 7 year old spare on a used motorhome that I bought. It had never been dropped down from its storage place. In total darkness for those 7 years. When I when to use that, I couldn't even risk putting on on the motorhome it was so deteriorated,


So the answer is no, sitting in the storage building doesn't extend the life of tires.

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Thanks, Mark.


It hasn't sat continuously and has been used from time to time. Plus, the tires probably have another year, maybe two. They're not terribly expensive. But it kinda sounds like they won't be any exception to typical deterioration.


Thanks for the thoughts!

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We keep our 5er, boat and HDT in a garage on concrete. The better quality tires such as the Michelin XPS we run for 10 years. These still look new without any checking when changed. We have been doing this for years amd never had a problem. The tires are used periodically. I think the use and stored environment can extend quality tires maybe a year or 2 but if there is any checking I would change them.


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Thanks, guys. I won't count on much of an extension of usable life. And I'll keep an eye on them as the age creeps up there. I doubt I'll be doing much long distance stuff with them anymore, anyway... if I were, I'd change them out just for peace of mind even if I thought they might still be good. I did that last time, when I had a couple of trips in the many hundreds of miles, just went ahead and put on some decent tires.


I appreciate the feedback!

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Most ST tire mfgrs. recommend replacing them after 3 years; mainly because of non-use periods causing tire deterioration.


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