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Confusion on Equip length/ Driveway


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Newbie so bear with me ,was looking at Lynx lake campground and site say 35 Back-In under Equip length/ Driveway, under a google search it defines Equip length/ Driveway as the length of tow vehicle and RV is that correct ? As my RV is 22 ft, and truck is 19 ft and I know I see larger RV's in these campground.Thanks



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There is no real standard on the different ways of describing a site, it is best to call and be sure.


You can also try Google maps in the satellite view mode and get a look at the sites and what was there on the day the photo was taken.

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There is no real standard on the different ways of describing a site, it is best to call and be sure.


You can also try Google maps in the satellite view mode and get a look at the sites and what was there on the day the photo was taken.


On Google maps is a function to allow you to select a way to actually measure something on the map. It has been in the "Lab" menu, and you select feet or meter, and click to drop a point, and drag the line the length of the slab, or area to measure, and click again. You will have the length shown of that line you put down.

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As someone stated earlier in this topic, there is no standard for campgrounds to state the length. Usually it is the length from the road to the rear concrete or wooden curb bumper, or end of pavement/gravel. Most of the time you can back your rear overhang past that bumper. Sometimes there is a tree in the way. Usually you can unhook your truck and park it sideways in front of the RV.


Sometimes calling and asking gets you the stock answer, that is the length of the campsite. Sometimes (many times) the people in the office never pay attention to the sites in the campground/RV Park and don't know more than what is on the computer or piece of paper in front of them.

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RE: the Lynx Lake site - I'm sure you would fit in it. With our 40' motorhome & Jeep if the site said at least 37' we felt confident that we could fit and we did. Most often we had to be creative in parking the Jeep at an angle or if we could overhang behind the barrier, we did that, also.


We volunteered at Rocky Mtn. Nat'l Park and in the morning we'd have to take the reservations and match them to a specific site to be ready when the folks arrived. We had a chart to go by but we found it not too accurate so we asked if we could make up another chart and visit each campsite. They wanted only three sizes on their chart: 30' and under; 30-36'; 36' and up. This was for the whole parking space so if you had a towed vehicle it had to fit. So with the new chart we'd take a reservation and if it was a 35' RV then we assigned a site to fit a 30-36'. Honestly, we didn't have anyone come back and say they couldn't fit. Somehow it worked.


We did, however, have folks come and say they'd never come to this park again because it was so dirty. Upon further questioning we found out that they meant the pine pollen was dropping on their picnic table. Duh! You're in a pine forest. :)

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The length that is listed is usually the length of the clear space directly on the campsite parking pad. Since the people who generate this information have no way to know what the skill lever of the person who will occupy a site is, they try to give a size which even the least skilled RV owner could fit completely into that site. It is intended to be a worst case scenario, not the largest size RV which the most skilled driver can fit into the site. You will learn that parking skill has a great deal to do with what RVs will fit into which sites and when you add the effect of slides in RVs to this, placement of trees versus the location and depth of the RV's slides also plays a major role.


Site size information is only intended to give you an idea of what to expect from a site since it is impossible to anticipate what any arriving RV owner can do. A space in the desert where there are not trees or large rocks can easily accommodate an RV that extends beyond the pad edges by placing the wheels to allow the rear of the RV to extend from the rear axle out over the are beyond the pad and the slides to extend our past either or both sides of the pad. But if the site is in heavy timber the RV may not be able to open slides on many of the sites or to overhang the edges of the pad at all. As a campground host with many years of RV experience, I learned not to predict if an arriving RV could fit into a space or not as that just can't be done.

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