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Windows 10 asking what browser every time you click on a link in Outlook 2007 or 2010


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I started getting a prompt asking me what browser I wanted Windows 10 to use to open a link in Outlook. And despite a checkbox to "Always use this Browser" it kept asking!


I tried resetting Internet Explorer 11 as my default browser, then diddled with changes in auto play and no joy! I went to the found the Windows help forums less than useful as usual. Bunch of folks that keep asking for more info and now I know that they purport to help others with Windows but don't use Office 2007 or 2010 and Outlook.


I missed that it only happened in outlook too. Since all our computers run Office 2010 and use Outlook for Emails we just kept clicking over and over on all of them getting mad at MS for goofing or my inexperience with it.


So I finally set down today to search for it.


If you have this you know how infuriating it is.


Well, it is a Microsoft glitch in Windows 10, but only when Office 2007/2010 is loaded and activated, and Outlook is used for email.


So it was not a Microsoft attempt to strong arm me into giving in and using Edge browser with no extensions, as I believed before today.


First go here to a Microsoft page on this with pics:



If you are experiencing the issue, which is just an annoyance, then just go to the quick fix link to download it and when prompted to save or run it select run if you are on the computer with the issue and no others need the fix. I have five computers running Win 10 and Outlook 2010, our two main all in one desktops, and our Voyo Mini PC desktop, as well as two tablets, the Venue 11 Pro and my Surface 3 Pro. All had this issue. I used the quick fix and in seconds each was fixed.


And another one bites the dust!

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Opera http://www.opera.com/


Libre Office http://www.libreoffice.org/discover/new-features/ ,




I load these on the computers I set up for sale, along with more like CCLeaner, Speccy, Windows Image resizer (Bryce Lambson), VLC Media PLayer, Aviator browser by Whitehat.


If you want no traces Aviator. If you really want a fast easy browser, try Opera.


I prefer MS Office for my use.

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