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Newcomer to the HTD scene


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Newcomer, live A little South of London On, Looking at getting back in to the RV scene after a few years abscent, have a few years to go before retiring, but when i do i'am hitting the road, I had a "A" liscence for many years and let it go about 10 years ago, looking in to converting a 630 Volvo or a 430, was wondering what kinda deal is it as far as a liscense, what do you require ???, I dropped down to a DZ, very familiar with truck being a heavy equipment and truck mechanic for many years so the conversion may not be a big deal, i have a very well equipped shop to complete the work, need some thoughts from guys that are already doing the HDT, seems the truck are fairly resonanble with regards to price, looking at 6-8 year old truck with about 800,000 k on it, what is some things to think about, also not to interested in a heavy duty pick up to do the pulling for 60-80 G's, when you can do it with a real truck for under 50 G's


appreciate any feed back

Thanks Curt


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Welcome Curt

I don't know if the A is required for rv trailers over ten thousand pounds. My trailer is light so I'm not concerned with my wife having just a GZ. I would rather have a 630 than a 430 because it would be easier to convert to motor home status and be more comfortable for overnighting. When I bought mine I had been running loads into downtown Toronto so I wanted the shorter truck.



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In Ontario the MTO requires a A-R ('A' with restriction) and a Z endorsement ,because they were written long ago and trailers and trucks have gotten much heavier .

Got into a long debate on RV.net with a few guys of which one was a LEO - conclusion over 4500kg hooked to truck we need a A-R only because they have no category for recreational use,dually pick-ups can apply for a exemption . Even that may have disappeared.

It is a cluster **** .

Almost by default the A-R is all thats left and it is 99% of a 'A'.

medical (annually after 65)

circle check



I got into a correspondence with MTO via E-mail "does my B with a Z cover the weight Iam at?

The form letter type response was OK but I have my doubts .

So I will play dumb and quote my B (school bus) with air as equivalent ,your 'D' should be also allowed as they are the same weight class .

around (9000kg).

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Welcome Curt! You will enjoy getting going in an HDT and never look back!




If you look at the Ont G lic its limited to combined wt. 0f 11K KG 24K LB So with an HDT at say 20K add a fiver at 16K (light by our standards) its over the 24K limits of a G.


Our rig with a Smart is 44K.


Absolutely right, its a cluster.........and a different answer can be found at every bend. Everyone do as they wish for sure!


I decided since I had many years to run the rig it was worth getting the lic req I just didn't want to be sitting on the side of the road trying to figure out how to get the rig moving. I actually got stopped in Milton On for passing a scale about a year ago. The MTO officer figured out before he got to the door that I didn't need to stop, but he did ask what lic I was on and took it back to the car to run it. All was fine. Not sure how that would have gone if I was on a diff lic.


The AR is not that hard to get and maintain. I did it in 08 and keep it up.


Below is some info from the MTO Please do your own research though as this is just my understanding of this stuff.


A- Any combination of motor vehicle and towed vehicle where towed vehicle exceeds 4,600 kg, but not a bus carrying passengers. Also permitted to operate a Class D and G vehicle.


B- Any School Purposes Bus. Also permitted to operate a Class C, D, E, F and G vehicle.


C- Any Regular Bus other than a school purposes bus. Also permitted to operate a Class D, F and G vehicle.


D- Any motor vehicle or combination of vehicles exceeding 11,000 kg, provided the towed vehicle does not weigh more than 4,600 kg Also permitted to operate a Class G vehicle.

G- Any automobile, small truck or combination of vehicles that do not weigh or have a registered gross weight of over 11,000 kg provided the towed vehicle does not weigh more than 4,600 kg

-This does not include a motorcycle, a bus carrying passengers or an ambulance in the course of providing ambulance service.
-A pick-up truck towing a 2 axle house trailer by a fifth wheel will be deemed a Class G vehicle provided the combined gross weight is not in
excess of 11,000 kg.
Any motor vehicle in Class G and any combination of a motor vehicle in
Class G and towed vehicles.
• Cannot drive a vehicle equipped with air brakes.
Any motor vehicle in Class G and any combination of a motor vehicle
and towed vehicles in Class G except a vehicle equipped with air brakes.

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