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1000.2 Western & Eastern Arc Install Instructions


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Thanks. This is part of my 1000.2 EA & WA Install Instructions that I scanned -- but yours is much smaller in size as it wasn't scanned. Perfect.


This the EA and WA chart for both the 1000.2 and 1000.4.


Only the WA settings are the same for the 1000.2 and 1000.4.


The EA settings are not the same. But that makes sense as the 1000.2 uses a Twin-LNB while the 1000.4 uses a triple.


Here are the 1000.4 EA and WA settings.

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According to Dish, you do use the same settings for an DPP 1000.2 EA dish as a DPP 1000.4 dish.


Despite the DPP 1000.2 EA has only two LNBFs, the two LNBFs are on the same Skew alignment as the triple LNBFs on the DPP 1000.4 EA.


The Elevation and the Azimuth are the same for the primary LNBF which is what you are aiming.

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Nice! How long has this EA triple been around?


It's been around for at least 5 years anyway. When I was first deciding between a 1K2 and a 1K4 dish for portable RV use back in 2011, one of my criteria was that triple LNBF's for both arcs had to be available, and they were for both dishes. My decision to go with the 1K4 was based on the slightly larger dish and a mount that was easier to aim and easily adapted for a no tools setup.

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