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Online RV driving safety course: discounts in insurance?


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Hello folks,


Just came across this:



The interesting part is this:

According to RVSEF, The online RV Driving Safety Program requires a time commitment of approximately six cumulative hours and enrollment is just $49.95. A detailed course-companion manual can also be purchased for an additional $20.00.


It sounds like a fair bit of time and cost but many insurance carriers support this safety course by offering discounts to policy holders presenting our Certificate of Completion.


Has anyone ever heard of something like that? We might consider the taking the course if there's really a discount that would make up for the enrollment fee and time investment.





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We take the 6 hour NY State Defensive Driving Course online once every three years and get a 10% discount on our vehicle insurance rates. We would also get a reduction in points on our licenses if we had any. The rules and rates differ from state to state, but for NY we only pay $24.95 for the American Safety Council course.


On edit: I should add that at least for the NY course, there are no tests to pass, just some non-scored review quizzes as the course progresses. Each page has a timer, so the course does take at least the required 6 hours, although it does not have to be all in one session.

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I took an rv safe driving course/seminar at an FMCA rally years ago & have had a discount on my insurance since.


The NY discount is only good for 3 years, and then we have to take the course again. Since it saves us over $100/yr on our insurance, it's worth the time for us. The rules are the same for both the online and classroom versions.

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Just took the class from AARP 3 months ago for the insurance discount. Cost $20 since I am a member. Savings on insurance was $300 so well worth the time. Discount was this large because we are full timers and rig is insured that way. Took about 4 hours to complete. The insurance broker told me about the discount and I completed the class prior to getting the years insurance. I would not have gotten a refund on existing policy so timing was everything.

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GEICO has a link to the NTSB driver safety course for I think under $25. It must be renewed every 3 years. We actually take ours thru the federal govt to allow us to drive govt owned vehicles so it applies and is free

As an interesting side note we didn't realize our certificates counted. When we learned of the discount we had had it for 3 years. I wrote a letter to Tony Nicely, CEO at his hdqt office enclosing a copy of our certs. Within 2 weeks we had a call informing us that they were retroactively applying the discount to the tune of $900.

That type of service ius why we are loyal to our insurer

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