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  1. Lake looks nice. Access to lot not so much. How are you supposed to get rv onto site? do you drive through lot next to this one to get on yours or are you required to make ramp off road? enjoy the journey
  2. I told people that worked for me to retire when you know you can afford it. I retired at 59yr. 9months of age and sold everything to go full time. No regrets. Started SS at 62 felt pretty good. Only you know when it is time. Enjoy the journey
  3. Simple reason for the hang up. He wanted a bigger traile wife said no. He wins
  4. Great write up. Just completed the driving test in Livingston which took about 20 minutes. Not hard at all. They were very nice and not looking to fail people. They are clearly looking to see if you know how to drive the rig you drive. You need to know how to back up straight between cones with out hitting them. If you can do this for about 60' the rest is easy. Good luck with your test next month. I highly recommend taking the driving at an office like Livingston.
  5. Aggie Took test today And like you said no big deal. Passed and now back in Houston having a cold one. Take care
  6. THANKS For the info. I'm up this week. Take care
  7. Not into watching a lot of TV so I would hold off on rooftop unit. Everything else including washer dryer are must haves. In the end budget plays a big part and you will get by regardless of which items you have.
  8. Aggie Any update on how test went? Any information is helpful. Thanks
  9. We full time and o can not agree more with jc2. Still have never seen one on the road or in an RV park. No way they could hold up to road travel.
  10. Aggie 79-82a Thanks fir the update. I too will drive myself which saves a lot of hassle. Please let us know how the driving test goes. Take care and best of luck
  11. Please let us know how your test turns out. I am in same boat with a test date of Oct. 25th. Was planning on driving myself to test. Really need to know if they are going to stick to needing a CFL driver take me to test. Also would like to hear about what they really do during the test. Thanks for the information
  12. Every day you wake up is a good day.

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