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Beginning Full-timing, input on possibly rig appreciated


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My husband and I are currently living full-time in our 2000 Keystone Montana. We've had it a few months and are feeling like it doesn't exactly match us. We are looking at a 2009 Grand Junction Dutchmen TRE35. I'm looking for other Grand Junction owners and their feelings on the brand. It looks amazing! It seems like it will meet our needs much better, but the devil you know is sometimes better than the devil you don't.


I have been looking at rv forums and don't see much in the way of comments about this model or even GJ in general. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places.


Any feedback would be much appreciated.




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First, let me welcome you to the forums! Help is what we do here so we will do our best to find you an answer.


I believe that Barb is right in that the first step is to analyze just what it is that you are not happy about with your current RV. Take plenty of time in looking for a replacement and be very careful that you don't improve some things, but after the change discover that your new choice has new problems to over come. Look closely at the issues of construction quality, fit & finish, floor plans, and anything that either of you can think of. Be very careful that any move to a different RV is one that is a step up in all of the areas that you dislike, without risking a step back in some other issue.


I'm not familiar with the Grand Junction, but the Dutchman line isn't among the most highly rated RVs for quality compared to price.

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