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Camping near Chaco Culture National Historical Park?


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We are wanting to visit the Chaco Culture National Historical Park (Chaco Canyon, etc.) We have a 38 ft. 5th wheel & the Gallo Campground shows a 35 ft. limit.


Does anyone have experience camping in the Gallo Campground? Is the length restriction enforced? Do the sites have physical restrictions that would limit a slightly larger trailer?


I know that the road in is a dirt road, but is it "too bad" to take the trailer in?


If we don't stay at Gallo, does anyone know anyplace less than two hours away to camp? We have solar & are capable of dry camping for a week or two, so hookups aren't an issue for us.


Any experience and insight would be greatly appreciated!



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there is a campground at Chaco but I only saw it from the road. I would call and ask about the length to be sure but I would bet there is room for your size. However, based on my only time there last fall with just my pick up I would be some what reluctant to take my trailer in but if I did I would go early and figure on real slow going on at least 50% of the road. It was dry and not deeply rutted but it really would shake things up for an extended time if going any speed at all. Kind of like washboard for an extended distance. Even be careful on the paved portion at the start as that is used by some heavy haulers and mostly wasn't too bad but had some surprise big holes that could damage a tire or wheel. About the first half of the gravel road wasn't to bad. I think I was there in Aug or Sep. It would be good if you could park somewhere and scout it out with just the truck. JMHO. I would have to look things up but I think there are some places not too far.


BTW have you been to Mesa Verde yet? It was pretty amazing and I just did a day trip from Farmington.

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Here are the campsite photos and yes, some sites are large. You could call the park to find out how strict they are in size and perhaps they can give you a site number for one of the larger ones. It's an open campground so trees will not be the issue. The road changes condition constantly and the best thing to do is call before you go to find out the condition. Or you could park on the highway and drive your truck in to see for yourself. Many RVs drive it so it's doable but very slow-going.



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