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Installing the escape oval on the rear of my TT laminate outer shell

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I'm not quite sure what you are asking. Do you by any chance mean you are putting on one of the metal Escapee identifying plaques?


I have always just used one of the decals so don't really have any experience with doing this, but I would not put a screw into the siding of my RV. I have seen one attached to the license plate bracket of an RV, both above and below the license. I have also seen them attached to the ladder on the back of an RV with some type of bracket or metal strap. To do that, you may want to consider the use of plumber's tape and I'd use stainless steel screws and bolts to avoid any streaking from rust.

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To post pictures on this board and most others , you need to first open an account on a photo hosting website such as Photobucket.
Once you sign up and have an account, you can upload your photos from your computer to the Photobucket account. When you get ready to upload, you can use the image processing software on your computer to size your photos to 640x480 pixels, or you can edit them using the tools provided by the hosting site. In any case, you'll want to ensure your photos are limited to 640x480 pixels. This size fits nicely on every board and is large enough for detail without getting grainy .
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Hope this helps, or at least gets you started.

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