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Possible bed for sale


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Working on a deal to build my truck into a truck conversation ( motorhome). Just putting it out there my bed maybe up for sale along with the trailer saver.

The bed has 8ft long ramps that fit in the lower side box. And the center aluminum floor section is easily unbolted for service also the head rack is bolted on and dose have a 2 inch recover for a winch or slide in rack. The side rails are also easily removed by pulling 2 pins for side loading. And there are 2 inch receiver tubes welded in the top for the side rails a winch or anything else you would want. I have build pictures of it that can be posted IMG_0209_zps2a1f7fab.jpg



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When I get home I'll post some specs it's about 13ft long as I remember. The tail board and hitch mount are 1/2 plate mounted separate from the bed its self. Also the bed attaches to the truck by using the holes that were originally there for the commercial hitch rails.

I'll attach a couple more pictures to show how it was built.

It is still on the truck and currently in San Diego California. And being in California there is no rust on the bed of any kind. I'm still working on a deal with the coach manufacture so I'm not sure when and for sure the bed will be for sale. And I'm kind of skating a fine line with this posted where it is so as far as pricing I would say anyone interested send me a PM and It can be discussed. Charlie


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Thanks Jack

Grendel I'll get those dimensions as soon as I can.

And buzz64 whoever buys the bed I'll give first shot at getting everything as complete package including the Jackalopee and the trailer saver. But if someone only wants the bed I will separate them.


I will still need a Jackalopee for my truck conversion but it might be easier to just buy a new one since the one I have is mounted and wired to the bottom of the bed.


Please keep in mind I'm still working with the truck conversion people and don't know for sure it's going to happen. I just know at least one person in California was possibly looking for a bed and that mine may be available in the near future.

For that matter if I was offered the right amount and I don't know what that is I may sell the truck complete.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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