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Reregistering and Inspection Certificate


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Hi there. Can anyone answer this question for me.

In May 2015, my wife and I bought a Newmar 42' DP. We live in the UK and come over to the US a couple of times a year where we take the RV out of storage and trip around for six weeks or so. We purchased the RV at a dealer in Maryland which is also where we store it. So here's my problem: because we live in the UK we had to have a US mailing address to initially register the vehicle, Escapees Texas came to the rescue and we registered it in Texas. However the RV will need to be reregistered in May 2016 at which time (I think) it will also need an Inspection Certificate for the registration. Currently we have no plans to drive to Texas and I'm unsure of the Certificate/Reregistration procedure. Do I need an Inspection Certificate? I've tried to find this information on the Texas DMV website but find it very confusing. Can anyone make this easy for me and tell me what the procedure is to reregister in Texas and how to get an Inspection Certificate suitable to reregister in Texas when I'm not in Texas?

Thank you all in anticipation - oscarpop2

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No inspection certificate no registration. When you get inspected the certificate is sent electronically to the DMV. Without the certificate they simply wont renew your registration.

Now a couple of caveats. First I'm not sure about newer motorhomes. I believe newer vehicles have a year or two grace on the inspection. Second getting it inspected interstate may be an issue. Who is qualified to do a Texas inspection in Maryland?


My suggestion is to spend the money on a phone call. Call the DMV in Livingston and believe what they say and avoid 'speculation' by us well meaning folk!!



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Thanks guys...it seems self certification is the way to go when the time comes.

That is the answer. Welcome to the Escapee forums! Don't be a stranger here, but come by often and take part in conversations. We would love to have you take an active part in this.

Good travelin !...............Kirk

Full-time 11+ years...... Now seasonal travelers.
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