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Display Driver stopped responding - Win-10


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Three times tonight I've gotten a BSOD (black screen of death) in Firefox browser with a small pop-up window at the bottom right "Display Driver stopped responding and has restarted. Display driver INTEL HD Graphics Driver for Windows (8) R has stopped responding." The pop-up window has a small red box with a white X at the bottom left and the normal small close window "x" at the top right.


This is on my new Dell laptop. The desktop and wallpaper remain displayed. It's just the Firefox window that has the BSOD. When I restart Firefox all is well -- until the next time.


Anyone else experience this. I've been using the Dell about 3 weeks and this just started tonight.

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Try this. Go to control panel and change the view from categories to large, then click on device manager, then ;look at all the main categories and see if there are any warnings in yellow or red on any of them. You can go to the device driver that is giving you fits, and the right click on it in device manager, then on the first properties screen try to update the driver allowing it to go online to look too. If that says you have the latest driver and it is OK then just uninstall the driver in device manager and reboot. Don't worry, it will reload the original driver. If that works then the driver from Windows updates caused an issue.


I'm assuming it is Windows 10? They just had a new Intel graphics driver in Yesterday's batch of Windows updates. You might try updating first if you haven't already. Let me know if any of that worked for you.


If not, uninstall and then reinstall FF. as at that point it looks more like a FF flawed install or corruption.

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RV, No device drivers with flags. I'm sure it's a Firefox issue. Nothing else has gone astray. Only happened twice since the first night. I'll do an uninstall/install process in the next couple of days. Suspect that will fix it. Still in the early learning curve of Win 10. Had to do a search to bring up control panel. Don't know where MS digs up the folks that do their user testing (maybe the well pierced-rainbow haired from Broadway in Seattle). Changing the appearance, nomenclature, and location of menus is a total diss of existing users - and they have done it with every release.


Just ranting. I used to manage developers. Brilliant folks, but mostly incapable of communicating with the general public. But, someone is supposed to manage and guide them.

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