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North Dakota Volvo Dealer, looking for anyone that has dealt with this group


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Anyone buy from or dealt with this dealer? They have 10 centers in ND and NE.

RDO Truck Center
Fargo, North Dakota
They have a couple of trucks that read/look interesting, just wanted to see if anyone has dealt with this dealer. PM me if you don't want to publicly post.
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I got my '09 - 730 there 2 yrs ago last June. John Stearns was the salesman. One other poster got his there recently as well.


I have no issues with them. John put up with a never ending barrage of questions from me. I asked him to find the pick of the litter of a fleet of 61 returning grain haulers. Sure it has since cost me some money, some essential repairs, some other was upgrades and modifications.


You can't play this game on a shoestring budget.


John replace the 2 front tires at his cost, 1k$ as they were at 50% tread. The truck was going back to Canada and has to pass a couple of inspections, adequate tire tread was one.


They did a very good clean up of the truck, steam cleaned and painted the frame. Jack M had a list of several items or checks the truck should pass and it did. RDO pulled the history from the ECM, it indicated no excessive use or issues.


It was a smokers truck but no burns in the upholstery. Personally, I think too much is made of this smoking issue. I am a non smoker and rented my downstairs out in Calgary so am pretty good at picking up cigarette smoke and none was evident at the time or since in the truck.. There are ways to get rid of it.


They removed the Commercial 5th wheel for me as well.


To save yourself the extra work later, I'd have them do as many things as possible that RV Haulers does prior to the customer taking the truck, lites, all filters, fluids, check batteries and cables etc, shocks, lube etc, etc.


Mine had a little over 500,000 and cost about 59k, a lot less than I was quoted by someone else who added 7500 or 8500 onto the end price.


They know the truck, have the tools and parts to get it done in a timely fashion.


Let me know by pm if you want any other info,







RDO also stuck a 30 day transit sticker on the windshield. Vin# and other info were given to my insurer for coverage and I took the plate off my SUV and stuck it on the rear of the truck.


At the time I had my air endorsement so that wasn't an issue but if you don't, I wouldn't worry about it. Stick "Private RV, Not For Hire on the side and don't make eye contact with the scales.


These items may come up as you get closer to purchase.

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We bought our truck a year ago from RDO Truck Center in Fargo, 2nd what Roger had to say. The Rubber had new caps on the drives and the steers were 80%. They removed the hitch and plugged the trailer airlines. The truck was clean and in good shape. They picked us up at the airport and did the deal on a Sunday. Would use again.

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Roger had some good advice in his post......make SURE you have some money set aside for repairs. NOT maintenance...but repairs. Because you WILL have some no matter the truck. You may "choose" to do some things to your new RV hauler that fall into maintenance or preventive maintenance categories. But in addition you WILL have repairs. On modern DPF-present trucks - 2008 or newer - I would recommend a repair reserve of at least $8K.


And a key thing to have done before getting the truck - as part of the deal - is a DPF cleaning. That does not cost the dealer much, but it WILL cost you a good bit. And if it is done for you then you may go a LONG time without having to do it again.


BTW, GATR also has a good reputation.

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I just want to add that Jack's advice to have the dealer clean the DPF is on the money. That would have saved me a $1,158, 115 mile tow from nowhere to Las Vegas, plus the much higher cost of fixing the problem. If this is not possible you can at least put the truck into the regeneration mode to make sure there is no problem with that system and to know exactly when the last regeneration was performed.

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