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Carpal Tunnel

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Have you had or know anyone that has the has had good luck with exercises or the elastic bands for carpal tunnel syndrome.


My daughter works for Boeing and is on the computer all day, her doctor is recommending surgery for her right hand which she is not looking forward to.


This was recommended by my daughter-in-law's.




She and I would be most grateful if someone said good luck with carpal tunnel without surgery. Thank you



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I can tell you what happens if you put off the surgery when it is the best solution. My father was told he needed it but put it off for several years because he didn't want surgery. When eventually the problem got worse in spite of the elastic wrist braces, he finally said OK and had the surgery. But the surgery did not work as the damage was too extensive so only one wrist was done. Pam also had the syndrome and she had the surgery and it was successful. Recovery was not all that bad and took perhaps two months.


My dad was probably older than your daughter, but the result is likely to be the same. I suggest that if she doesn't trust her doctor, see a different one and get a second opinion but if both agree, listen to them before it is too late.

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Thanks Kirt. That's just about what her doctor said it gets worse.


I remember back in the late 80s early 90s couple guys at work had the procedure done. Their forearm was opened up from the base of the palm of their hand almost 6 inches it was a very large incision. As I recall they didn't get back to work for four months.



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What Kirk said. I had both my wrists done in August on the same day. The recovery is not too bad and I was back to normal in two months. No more waking up at night with numb hands and bike riding is a pleasure again. My incisions were 1/2 inch long.

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