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Renovating an older Motorhome


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I have the 2002 Georgia Boy "The Suite" and have owned this rig for 3 years now. We love the "Suite" because at 29ft its easy to drive and maneuver plus it has all the features we require. The only down side is the interior design which we feel is outdated and was in poor taste. I am now in the process of redesigning the interior of our rig. On the to-do list


1- Remove the mirrors that surround the cook-top and install glass tile

2- Remove the couch and install a table\bench that convert to a single bed.

3- Install glass tile around the eating area table\bench

4- peel the white plastic cover from all cabinets and refinish the cabinets in a redwood stain

5- paint over the wall paper

6-remodel the bathroom and replace the fixtures.


All of the above projects are started. I will post pictures and tips for doing this conversion in your rig. Check back soon.


Chris :)

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Project Progress,


1-19-16 - Halfway through the renovation on my Georgia Boy "Suite". The glass tile installation looks fantastic and that was my expectation. What I was not expecting was any kind of good results from refinishing the cabinets mostly because as we stripped off the plastic coatings what we found was a hodgepodge of different types of laminate woods. Some were light tones like a pine and others where dark woods. When the plastic coating is removed it leaves behind it the thick coating of glue gunk. You have to sand the wood enough to remove the glue but not to much else you will sand away one layer of laminate and expose the next which could be a completely different Finnish.


End result of the cabinet refinishing is that it looks fantastic. It doesn't seem to matter much that the woods are of different finishes. I am apply 2 coats of Minwax Redwood Stain. It picks up the wood grains and blends the different finishes together. Pictures are coming when i figure out how to upload them.



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.................... Pictures are coming when i figure out how to upload them.

The space for pictures on these forums is pretty limited but there is some. A much better way is to open an account in Photo Bucket, or some other free picture storage location and place your pictures there. Once you do that, open the picture album in one tab and this forum in the other. Begin your post that you want pictures in and then click on the photo icon, which is 11 icons in from your left and on the bottom row of the control menu of the posting window. That will open a small window that will have a box in it labeled URL.


Next click on the tab for your Photo Bucket or other photo storage, select the photo that you wish to post and right click on it. From the menu that then opens left click on "copy image location" and then return to the first tab. Now place your mouse into the open URL window and paste the address for the selected photo into it. Now click on "OK" and the picture should appear. You should edit the photos before you use them to make them about 200 pixels X 200 pixels or so before you upload them to keep things from getting too large on the forums.


Hope that helps.

Good travelin !...............Kirk

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Please take Kirk's suggestion.....because we would like to see LOTS of pictures, and the only way to do that is to host them outside of the forum!! If you use Google you should have plenty of free space for pictures.

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Curious?... What type of mastic and grout are you using?

Non Sanded standard tile grout from Home depot. The tiles are super thin and do not weigh as much as standard glass or ceramic tile. I had purchased some of the stickon tiles others have used and they simply do not look or feel the same as real glass. There is also a concern that the stick on type could catch fire or discolor around the stove.

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I agree with choice. We pucked upbthge stick on and frankly after looking at one prtopped up for a couple days took it back. Just not the real look

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