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Multi-Purpose Winch Plate Bracket


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I have a Warn XT40 (4000# UTV winch) left over from a previous rock race RZR. I started designing an arm that would attach to the receiver tubes of my bed so I could use the winch to load the MIG adventure trailer (www.migtrailers.com) on the back of the truck, but the reason for this post is that I have realized several other uses for the winch since then. Thank goodness, my travel plans got in the way and I did not build the arm when I first needed it. Since then, I have put way too many hours of thought and design time into what you see below.


The idea behind it is that it would allow me to move the winch from an arm specifically built to load vehicles onto the bed, then to a straight (flat) rear hitch arm, then to a center-mounted jib crane, then to a... Well, the last one may have been a stretch, but you get the idea.


The pins below will have a lanyard securely attaching them to the winch plate. Pulling both pins will allow me to easily move the winch to other winch arms, storage bracket inside side box, etc.


For the inquiring minds, the pins pictured below are single shear at 19,500 lbs. each.


My question to you guys is this, are there other uses you have encountered in your HDT'ing that would have been better assisted with a winch?


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As in this thread, our winch was built with portability in mind. Another accessory for your consideration, would be a 2x2" square tube, with a plate welded to the top surface. This plate would have a hole sized to allow a hitch ball to pass through. Can never have enough points to anchor off of.


Edit to add: Your CAD rendering is better looking than my real-life Cardboard Aided Design version.

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