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Furnace Problems

Jim Corey

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I have an Atwood 8500 furnace in our 2006 Monaco Monarch 30PDD. It started cutting out while running. I cleaned the terminals on the board with DeOxit spray, and that seemed to work. BUT (now the weird part) warm air only blows out one register (in the kitchen). All the other registers the air blows out cold (but in the normal volume.) And worse, there are definitely fumes coming out with the heat. Eye watering fumes. The CO detector didn't alarm, although it did sound off with the test button.


I don't know how the furnace is connected to the ducting. I'd like an idea before I remove the unit. And I can't for the life of me figure how one vent blows warm, and 4 others blow cold at the same time.

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I am not sure just what you mean by "cutting out while running" but I suspect that you mean it is turning off at times. Based upon your description of the heat distribution and this comment, my guess is that something is blocking the proper heat distribution and because of that the furnace is turning off from the high temperature safety thermostat. My suspicion is that the odor you have is caused by the overheating of the heat exchanger due to too little cooling, normally provided by the removal of heat into the warm air blown into the ducts and then into the RV.


Before we get to far into trouble shooting, it would be helpful to know a little about your RV knowledge and skills. I would start by gaining access to the area surrounding the back of your furnace, which is where the heat exchanger is and try to determine what is impacting the heat distribution. If you are getting proper air out of all ducts, but only one is hot, then something is causing it. Cold air means the heat is not being removed from the firebox and heat exchanger, which will make it overheat and the high limit thermostat is a safety device to prevent the disaster which would be caused if the furnace continued to heat without proper heat removal.

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I have seen the heat exchanger be cracked.

I have also seen the exhaust tube be rusted through at the weld joint to the heat exchanger.


Both only once but I have seen it.

As for the vent problem that will need to be looked for in your RV.


Safe Travels, Vern

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