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Updating Heating Sources

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2 Questions-

1. Can the standard 40,000btu Suburban furnace be swapped with a 2 stage furnace that is quieter?


2. If we remove the carpet to install laminate flooring, can I install heating pads/elements so we would have radiant floor heat? Provided I have the amperage space available in the panel.

Or- are there 12-48-volt pads that are available?


We have a heat pump in the ceiling and fireplace that we use the majority of the time. Furnace is only used below 35* or so to keep the basement warm.

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In looking at the specs on the RV furnaces it looks pretty clear that you could pretty easily do the swap to the two stage version, assuming that you buy the same make to get the space to fit right but you need to verify the opening size and the dimensions of the furnace to be sure that it will fit into the same location and mate to the existing duct work.


The heat pads should list what flooring materials can be both under and over them. I'd be interested to know what you learn as I have no experience with them.

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