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Would this work: cost effective vintage mini school bus?


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We would like to restore a vintage small school bus for club events, but, wow! have you seen the prices?


Here's where the craziness starts.


What about this idea? (based on the concept most buses are sort of conversions by the coach builder):


Buy a 40 to 50's truck, say a Ford or Chevy stake bed truck.(Available and affordable). Buy a 60's, 70's short school bus (maybe even newer), again affordable.


Cut the truck off at the cowl. Do the same with the school bus, and graft them together. Voila, mini vintage school Bus.


Have you done it? Will it work? What do you think?





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I'll give you some thoughts regarding this project .


Before I do I'll say that I have not done anything like this , nor do I even want to attempt it.


But you asked so here goes. I believe that you will find that most bus body's are built on and mated to rest on the year truck frame that they are mounted on, and that you will find that interchanging frame and body's will require some retrofitting. How much is anybody guess.


you will need the ability to handle fairly heavy loads on and off the frame.

I assume that you have some welding and body shop experience or you would not even have brought the subject up.


Lastly when you get to the end of a project like this usually the cost will be comparable to the cost of buying what you have made to start with and in some cases more.


Sorry that I can't help more but those are some things to think about before you jump into something that could become an albatross.


Oh and welcome to the forums.

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Welcome to the Escapee forums! We are happy to help as much as possible.


Your idea is an interesting one but may not be very practicle. Is the reasoning one of saving money by doing this or just something that you want to try doing? From a cost point I'd think that Tex is right that it won't save much money and that you would put a lot of hours into making it work, if you do all of it yourself. If you pay a body shop to do the work I am certain that it would cost far less to buy what you want rather than to build one.


Are you thinking of an RV for you to stay in or of a meeting place for your club? I have seen some really neat bus conversions.

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