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Is Xylitol Safe For Dogs? Now appearing in some peanut butters


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I give my dog chews and put a little peanut butter on it as a treat. She loves it. We don't use any of the "lite" or "fat free" brands but if you do you might want to read this article.



Is Xylitol Safe For Dogs?

Xylitol is a sweetener that's gaining in popularity because of its dental benefits for people as well as its suitability as a sugar substitute for people with diabetes. Because of its ability to help prevent cavities and tooth decay and its low glycemic index, xylitol is proving to have some good dental and other health benefits for people. Unfortunately, while xylitol appears to be perfectly safe for people, it is extremely dangerous for dogs — even in small quantities.


The complete article here: http://www.preventivevet.com/dogs/is-peanut-butter-safe-for-dogs

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I saw that article on facebook and shared it with all my friends hoping they would share so it gets around to many many people. I'm glad our little one does not like peanut butter. If offered by someone else, she would leave it alone. Safe for now until they start putting it in other things that pets eat.

Pat DeJong

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I did not know they started putting it in peanut butter. I was aware of the xylitol isue but understood until now it was found in sugarless gum. Our dog LOVES peanut butter so good to know.


Coincidentally, we had to induce vomiting in our dog last night because I had carelessly left a nut jar open on the floor and it had raisins in the mix. Since raisins and grapes are also no-nos for dogs we decided to have him give up his unauthorized snack.....I am sure he enjoyed the eating part quite a bit. He was not too happy with the other.

Dave and Lana Hasper

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Thanks for that heads-up. And speaking of nuts, macadamia nuts are a big no-no, too. One Christmas my dog got into some that were left in a bowl on the coffee table for guests. The next morning she couldn't get out of bed. Her hind quarters were paralyzed. It was temporary, thank heavens, but it sure gave us a scare.

Full-timing and enjoying every minute.

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If your dogs like peanut butter (ours do), get the kind that has only peanuts and salt (or only peanuts sans salt)...Adams is our favorite, but there are some other brands that make this kind of peanut butter, too.

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