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Can we use an electric blanket with a PSW Inverter?

Jim Gell

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We just bought an electric blanket that can be returned. The instructions simply say not to use it on inverted power. I searched the forum and found a thread addressing this issue that implies that we may be OK with our pure sign wave inverter, but it does not actually provide a definitive answer.


The bedroom slide is wired on an inverted circuit. I am concerned if we lose shore power during the night, the inverter will kick in and ruin the blanket.


Do you any of you electrical savvy folks know if the blanket controls would be safe with a PSW inverter?











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1) In broad general terms, a purely resistive device such as resistance heating (what an electric blanket or cube heater etc does ) IS NOT VERY SENSITIVE TO THE AC INPUT REGARDLES IF ITS PURE SINE WAVE OR MODIFIED SINE WAVE. It basically converts the electrical energy into I Squared R heat energy (3.41 BTU/Watt) REGARDLESS if the input were a pure or modified sine wave.


2) NOTE HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if the device has some sort of sensitive electronic control circuitry IT COULD POSSIBLY BE ?????? SENSITIVE AS TO THE INPUT AND ITS SHAPE AND QUALITY.


THEREFORE the pure resistance heat strips in a heating device don't care so much about the inputs AC waveform (sine or modified) BUTTTTTT if it contains any sensitive electronic control circuitry IT MAY BE SENSITIVE TO THE INPUT WAVEFORM.

NOTE If the control is no more then a make or break thermostat contact, I don't see it or the blanket caring much about pure or modified sine wave BUT GIVEN HOW THEY MAKE EVERYTHING SO COMPLEX OR DIGITAL ORIENTED NOWADAYS AND SINCE I DONT HAVE THE DESIGN SPECS OR SCHEMATIC, I HESITATE TO SAY ALL WILL BE FINE REGARDLESS OF INPUT WAVEFORM




PS 1 a quality Pure Sine Wave inverter has an output and waveform "near" (subject to design and quality) identical to that of the public utility and is IN GENERAL okay for electronic devices, where a Modified Wave is more like a step and in some cases can harm sensitive electronics


PS 2, however as an Attorney plus an engineer, also I can envision the attorney (ignorant of electricity) representing the company demanding they place a no MSW warning on the blanket for warranty purposes to Cover Their A$$ lol REGARDLESS if theres no sound engineering reason why MSW wouldn't work just fine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Im (despite my engineering analysis above) NOT going on record and suggesting you do other then what the manufacturer says, others may, so do at your own risk, your money your choice


Nuff said


John T

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Bill B "Real AC is a LOT dirtier (electrically) than the output of your inverter"


INDEED THAT CAN BE TRUE IN CERTAIN LOCATIONS, I've seen it FIRST HAND at our huge military industrial complex, especially if there is a huge heavy industrial user nearby with lots of big motors or machinery starting and stopping or welders and other high inductive loads being switched on and off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Its also true a "good quality" PSW Inverter can produce a clean excellent waveshape.


OF COURSE it all depends on the design and specs and quality of an Inverter as well as the other utility users on your Primary HV distribution loop. If you're on a more strictly residential distribution loop THAT POWER CAN BE VERY VERY CLEAN...


Similar, a pure resistive heating device with maybe only thermostat relay control isn't gonna be harmed by dirty power HOWEVER if theres any very sensitive electronic control circuits or timers or micro processors or no tellin what, dirty power or MSW could potentially (even if rare) can cause harm !!!!!!


Any person has the right to consider or completely ignore the manufacturers recommendations of a product they purchase (its their risk) as far as I'm concerned, I know for sure Ive done it myself on occasions, usually with no consequence butttttttttt a few times to my loss grrrrrrrrrrrr

STILL hard to envision the sine wave produced by a Magnum Inverter could cause harm but???????????????????????? who am I to judge.



Fun chat, yall take care now, whether you choose to follow or ignore (as I have been known to do lol) any manufacturers instructions is your own choice.........


John T

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The older stuff, "dumb", worked fine on MSW inverters, it is hard today to find a heating pad that will turn on with a MSW inveter they are all "smart" with auto shut off, thanks to the lawyers.

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