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8 Ways To Improve Your VA Disability Claim


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This article may be helpful to any vets still fighting the VA and those about to be discharged honorably.




"Chris Attig, a veteran and a lawyer who specializes in VA disability claims, shares some insight on the process of filing your claim.


Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on the Veterans Law Blog of the Attig Law Firm. To receive more information about the VA claims process, follow attorney Chris Attig on Twitter.


You know what’s tougher than the Veterans Benefits Administration? Everything.


I simply refuse to believe that we could force our minds and bodies to do the things we did in military service, but we cannot get our claim granted the way we believe it should be.


Crawl through the mud under fire to find a better fire position? You can beat the VA.


Jump out of an airplane and have your parachute collapse? You can beat the VA.


Survive two years of 120-degree days and 80-degree nights in Iraq, living under constant threat of mortar attacks? You can beat the VA.


I do believe, however, that we must approach our VA disability claim with the same discipline, the same grit, and the same professionalism as we approached everything in our military career.


I have found eight distinct patterns in VA disability claims.


I have been representing veterans in the VA disability claims process for seven years. During that time, I have looked at hundreds, if not thousands, of VA claims files, aka C-files, which contain all records of your military service, military medical treatment, and VA benefits claims.


And while looking through those C-files, I began to notice patterns.


Patterns explaining why the VA acted in certain ways."


Terrific must read for anyone going through or in the VA medical and disability system. He goes in depth on each of the 8 ways in the rest of the article here: http://taskandpurpose.com/8-steps-will-help-improve-va-disability-claim/

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The DAV sure does a great job. We have a state VA rep program here too. Those counselors get paid by the State not the VA to represent their citizens. Like in any battle, it never hurts to have too much ammunition, and too many troops on your side.

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The one thing to do is NOT say anything to the VA until you have a representative that knows the system. My interviews were recorded and any word I said that was not exactly right would have not only hurt my claim but been nearly impossible to retract or correct.


This sounds silly to most folks but not to folks fighting the VA, in my case for over five long years, endless medical appointments, interviews and boards. My case finally appeared in front of the DC board of appeals where it was resolved in my favor. Oh, my issue? There was a typo on one of the forms the VA retyped from the original signed copy to one of their own, both were present and side by side on the fiche and both were easily readable. Too bad, only the mistyped copy was acceptable to the VA and my claim was denied for five long years.

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