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New on lot, 2014 toy hauler


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Found a toy hauler I'm interested in, the exact model, but it's a 2014 still on the dealers lot.

Can I get a good price? Haven't talked with them yet, but should be able to deal (in my thought, anyway).

My question is, since it's been sitting for 2+ years, is it maybe not as good a deal as I'm thinking?

It's in So. California, so no weather extremes like we're used to in the northern states, but still, been sitting.





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As you consider what you are willing to pay, just keep in mind that the moment that you take possession it will be depreciated by two years. While it is quite possible that the dealer will come down in order to sell the unit, it is not probably that he will sell it for a price that a used one of that same model/year would bring and that is all that it will be worth the moment you drive away. If you plan to keep it for a long time, it may well be a very good buy, but that will probably be the key. The dealer may swallow one year of depreciation, but isn't likely to do that with two years worth. At the same time, if you keep it for 10 years then the money saved may well be a good deal since the difference between an RV of 10 model years and one of 12 model years is far less than it is now. Just be very sure that you will keep it a long time if you pay even within 70% of what the new asking price was.

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We purchased a new 2006 on the dealer lot in July 2007 and the dealer was anxious to sell. I made an offer and a list of additions that I wanted added to the RV. Window awnings, washer and dryer installed and a few other things. He accepted my offer. I think I could have had it for less but at the time I was happy with the deal. It still came with a new 2 year warranty, 2 new batteries but still had 2 year old tires on it.

I'm glad we did what we did and now many years later our 5th wheel is still in extremely good condition after living in it for most of those years. You would need to buy a high quality RV for it to last for the years that you want to keep it.

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