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Cleaning Idea?


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We had a window seat installed last summer and unfortunately our kitchen floor was stained/marked with ??? in the process. I had tried floor cleaner, hand scrubbing and nothing worked.


A friend that owns a campground unfortunately has permanent marker graffiti in the bathrooms occasionally and she used Mr Clean Magic Eraser. It sounded to good to be true; but nothing ventured nothing gained I picked up a trial size in the dollar store and it worked. I was amazed. You just dip in water then rub over the spot till clean.


I am thinking of trying it on the outside of the RV? Has anyone else tried Mr Clean Magic Eraser? If so what did you use it on and were you happy with the results?

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I am thinking of trying it on the outside of the RV?


I most definitely would not. I 'do' use them and always keep some on board, but they work by abrasion. Basically very fine flexible micro sandpaper with the ability to 'wisk' dirt and such up into their micro-structure. If used on the outside of your rig it will also take away any top coat, and eventually the paint.

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The one place the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Mop is outstanding, is on the roof. I wouldn't use one of the small erasers though too much on your knees rubbing. I just wet down the roof, squirt some dish washing liquid around, and use the mop. Then rinse. My 15yr. old roof looks like new. Another thing I found that the small eraser works great on is cleaning the screens on the exhaust fans in the bathroom & kitchen. I turn the fans on, and then lightly rub the eraser across the screens and the gunk will stick to the eraser. With the fans on nothing falls on the floor. It's held up against the screen. A lot easier than unscrewing the screens and washing them.

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I've found the Magic Erasers good for removing stains on the lower part of a door; dog slobber that dried on, I think. They also work well to remove the water mineral build-up in our shower. I use them on the bottoms of baking pans and casseroles, too. Handy little buggers, once you get to using them!

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Hi JM.


Magic Eraser works great for all the baked on/grilled on stuff on the plate in your microwave. It will get as clean as you have the patience to work on it. Like Colleen, I use it in the shower from time to time. Sometimes the shower head hose rubs on the fiberglass shower walls and leaves marks when we travel. The Eraser erases them, too.


Before we sold the stick and bricks, it made the rings around the burners on the stove top look brand new. It's an appropriately named product. Magic Eraser.

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