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Virtual Medical Visits (On-Line Doctors)

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Has anyone signed up for virtual health care?


I can get prescriptions filled anywhere but I can't find a doctor who will write the prescriptions.


My primary care doctor will not write prescriptions for longer than 90 days. Since I typically move to a new campground every week, that just doesn't work. I'm looking to find a way to get my annual physical on-site somewhere, such as Livingston, then use virtual visits the rest of the year. Problem is I can't find anyone who offers this.


I think I remember reading that Escapees is considering negotiating a contract but I can't remember where/when I saw it.

Anyone had any success?

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We do have a Telemedicine program we offer through the RVer Insurance Exchange. I'm not sure it is going to do exactly what you want since it is not meant to replace your primary care physician (or health insurance). But, the physicians can fill prescriptions remotely for you. I just don't think they will do it for your regular maintenance medications.


I am also working on another program for RVers using the concierge medicine model, or direct primary care (DPC) as it is becoming more commonly called. Ideally I would like to have a network of doctors nationwide that will work with RVers in different locations. These doctors could certainly accomplish what you are looking for. I am currently talking to a national DPC provider to try and negotiate a discount for Escapees members. The difficulty is in knowing how many people would be interested in such a program, thus making it difficult for them to determine a discount. DPC is catching on but still most people are unfamiliar with it.


Senator Bill Cassidy, MD (R-LA) introduced S. 1989 - The Primary Care Enhancement Act on August 5, 2015. The bill clarifies that DPC is a medical service and not a health plan under section 223 © of the Internal Revenue Code relating to Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). The legislation correctly defines DPC services as qualified health expenses under section 213 (d) of the tax code. The bill remedies any real or perceived prohibition on individuals with HSAs using DPC, and allows individuals with HSAs paired with high deductible heath plans to pay for DPC services with their HSAs.

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We ran into an MD who part-times and does telemedicine last spring. Wherever he was camping, if the phone rang he would take the call, do his consult, call in a prescription when necessary, etc.


We thought it was pretty cool - he could be sitting by a stream and still practicing medicine / making money.


One of the things that makes it a bit more complicated is that the doctor has to be licensed to practice medicine in the state that the patient is calling from.

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We have something similar to that with my current VA primary care physician, but I do have to get my lab work done at a VA center and the doctor reviews it, does a phone consult and then renews my prescriptions. But she does require that I appear in person every other year as well. And she also says that I can't do the colonoscopy that I have due at the end of the year via the phone! :(

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This program is available in three states Colorado, Washington and Illinois: https://www.mdlive.com/

As pugsly mentioned the Dr has to be licensed in the state where he practices. Skill levels and training for the same areas of medicine varies from state to state for many reasons.


I Googled Virtual Healthcare and found it is a alternative for the elderly that can't easily come to the doctors office: http://www.virtualhealthcaresolutions.com/home/index.html There are many self serve health monitoring systems on the market now that could provide input to your doctor to assist in evaluation patients conditions. Here is a sample of one company that sells medical grade monitoring systems: http://mobihealthnews.com/24345/fda-clears-ambio-health-wireless-health-monitoring-system/


I think it could be a booming business as many people would prefer the convenience to just "call" in via SKYPE or the like instead of driving to their doctor. Good for the environment fewer cars on the road. Potentially a MD or RN or NP or PA could see a lot more patients more economically. With the advancements in communication technologies ie monitor and sound quality the only concern would be to insure the security of the communications and data storage. That in itself could add to the economy with more computer/internet security companies.

UnitedHealthcare Covers Virtual Care Physician Visits, Expanding Consumers’ Access to Affordable Health Care Options

MINNETONKA, Minn. (April 30, 2015) – UnitedHealthcare is expanding coverage options for virtual physician visits, giving people enrolled in self-funded employer health plans secure, online access to a physician via mobile phone, tablet or computer 24 hours a day. The complete article here: http://www.uhc.com/news-room/2015-news-release-archive/unitedhealthcare-covers-virtual-care-physician-visits



I have seen MD video robot services on TV and thought there was a lot of potential. If you could do the same thing over your computer, it would solve a lot of travelers logistical issues.




These virtual options would be for routine check ups/check ins and emergencies would always call 911. If more routine medical services were done virtually there may be more medical practitioners available in person to handle 911's in the ER?

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August two years ago, riding in one of the employee's auto that works for company that I am the CEO of, in El Paso, TX, he gets a call

at 1 PM and he asks if I would excuse him because he has a doctor's appointment. It was a VA doctor that called him, he is retired military,

the employee was having blood pressure problems with the meds that he was on. During the call the VA doctor gave him new blood pressure

meds and told him to stop taking the old meds. He was to pick them up at the VA later that day. The doctor was looking at his medical file on the computer

during the appointment.

That was the first time that I had heard of that and I was surprised. Starting on September 1st, the medical plan where I work starts the telephone medical plan.

You call and within twenty minutes a doctor calls you back and you have an appointment and they can send meds to the pharmacy of your choice. There are limits,

no pain meds. I will see how it goes.

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I recently sold my medical practice after 28 years and decided to spend a few months in a cottage we have in Canada and the rest of the time in our HDT/5th Wheel. I am still in my mid-50's and was not ready to turn my back on medicine. I came across American Well (americanwell.com) and signed up to do virtual visits with them. It is a great program and can be a godsend for those on the road.They are in all states that allow telemedicine, which is up to 47 of the 50. They do not allow Rx for controlled substances due to the legal ramifications with that. They have a video platform and only associate with physicians who have clean records, experience and are board-certified.

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