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  1. I'm 70 and have no difficulty with most of the hitching and unhitching job. The only problem I have is climbing the side of the truck to connect the pin to the fifth wheel hitch. I've considered having a folding step installed.
  2. What you are probably seeing is the voltage drop caused by the lights and the meter being on the same line. If so, it means nothing. The standard battery indicator meter is useless. As was mentioned earlier, you need to use a voltmeter. And even that is not accurate. If you plan to boondock, you will need a meter that has a shunt. About $200. I don't know why modern RVs don't come with one. If you are not going to boondock more than 48 hours, don't worry about it.
  3. Residential fridge takes a lot of power. One battery will not be nearly enough. Two batteries might not be enough. While driving, the cable between the truck and trailer will NOT charge your batteries enough to power the fridge all day. So, you will be draining your batteries even if the truck engine is running.
  4. My 36' fifth wheel has a tongue weight of about 3000 lbs. So, I would recommend going with the 5000 option. 2000 might not be enough. Are you certain this scale works with a fifth wheel not just bumper pulls? Personally, I just go by the rear axle weigh at truck stops. Cheap and easy. Just subtract your non-hauling weight.
  5. My first full-timing was in a fifth-wheel that was not a Toy Hauler. I sold it and bought a Toy Hauler from Grand Design. I love it! I think "toy hauler" is a misnomer. It's really a multi-purpose room. I can lower the queen bed and it's a guest room. I can put up the table and it's an office or a dining room. I enter from the garage side door and it's a mud room. It has my washer/dryer so it's my laundry room. I extend the ramp and it's a patio. When I'm moving to a new campground, it's a storage room for my lawn furniture and ebike. At this point, I wouldn't want to full-time in anything other than a Toy Hauler. My two cents.
  6. Your truck box should be at the front of the truck bed, hence in front of your hitch. Therefore, height isn't particularly important. What does matter is weight. Check the tongue weight of your trailer first. You can easily overload the GAWR for your rear axle. Personally, I'd like to have a combination tool box and fuel tank but it would be too heavy for my 3500.
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