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Where to park an older RV


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I will be moving into a 1997 35' RV in a couple of weeks. I am new to RV living and am surprised by the lack of places available to park a home that is older than 10 years. I am in the San Francisco Bay Area, where there are only a handful of RV lots to begin with. Now, as we apply for long term residency, we are being turned down simply due to the age of our RV. It is in great shape, my parents have taken great care of it and I am excited to make it my home. Does anyone have any advice for finding a place to park?

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Trying to find a home for an older rig in California can be difficult, a long term stay can be even harder due to California laws for renters rights.


If you will have the ability to move it you might try to make a deal with the park so that you stay just less than 6 months, go somewhere for a night and return.

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Part of the problem is also the particular area where you are. We have spent a lot of time in the area just to the south of SF and there are so few RV parks due to restrictions and rules that apply to them and with the rental laws of CA most limit the length of stay, even for new RVs. I suggest that you may want to start by using the website RV Park Reviews and expand the CA map out to see just where things are located. They are probably the most comprehensive compilation of places to park an RV that you will find for free and they show only one park in San Jose plus a county park that has camping. But they also list two mobile home parks that are probably a better bet. As you move farther out from the city you may find more parks that are willing to accept your RV, but the rates will still be quite high and because there are so few that accept monthly residents there will probably be a waiting list to get a spot.


My best suggestion would be to consider moving it to a much more rural area, if practicle.

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I did a search for "trailer parking" in the SF Bay area on Craigslist and got 491 hits. Of course between 50 and 100 can quickly be eliminated, but that still leaves quite a few possibilities. Other things to explore might be friends who live out in the country and have enough land (and no zoning problems) to be interested in renting you a space...

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