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Geocaching - How to Download List to Garmin Oregon 600?

Kevin H

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I just got a Garmin Oregon 600 handheld GPS. One thing I want to do with it is Geocaching. I am having difficulty downloading a list of caches from Geocaching.com to my GPS. Apparently the Garmin plugin is no longer working for Chrome. How are you fellow Geocachers downloading lists to your Garmin handhelds?

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It has been a while since we have done any Geocaching. Your device has bluetooth connectivity to smartphones, so you may be able to use that feature to transfer data from a smartphone. The Geocaching App is excellent for organizing caches you want to find. If you can transfer specific caches to the Garmin, you might be able to bypass your computer. Oops, I guess I assumed you had a smartphone. Worth checking out.

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Thanks for the reply. I don't have a smart phone. Good suggestion but it won't work for us. I talked to Garmin today. They suggested I install Firefox which is supposed to allow the Garmin Connect plug-in. My internet is poor-at-best right now (Yellowstone) so I'll be working on that when we head to town next week.


Thanks again and enjoy "The Villages"!

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I know there are a lot of geocachers in Escapees. In fact, if you're around Quartzsite, AZ the last week of January, the Geocaching BOF (Birds of a Feather) has their annual get-together.


You might also want to contact Sue Pace at SkpGeocacheBoF@gmail.com I know she'd be able to help you. The group has a Yahoo group and there are no fees involved if you care to join.


We Geocache but never downloaded a list of caches. We still do it the old-fashioned way by going online and picking and choosing the ones we want to do and enter them individually. Good luck! It's a fun hobby as you travel and takes you to places you'd never know were there.

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Like 2 gypsies I download them individually especially when travelling. I tried doing by the list and found I had a lot of GC's loaded into my Garmin 405 and I was no longer in the area!

I do use Chrome and I get the message you refer to but it says soon and it has been like that for a year+ I believe so I keep using it. By the time it will not work I suspect their will be a fix by Chrome or Geocache.

As I was writing this I remember that I was told a way to transfer a list was to drag and drop the list while in Base Camp program, but I have never tried if for pretty much same reason I mentioned above. But, you might explore that option.

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I have the same problem. I was told that the Garmin plug-in does not work with Internet Explorer 11, which at the time I had just upgraded on my computer. I use pocket queries to get groups of caches for an area. You can also create a pocket queries for caches along a route and I think you can create a pocket query for a list. Only premium members of geocaching.com can create pocket queries but it's cheap to become a premium member and you will also have access to "premium member only" caches.


When I want to download an individual cache I use the GPX file button on the cache detail page and save it to my garmin GPX file. This would be instead of using the "download to GPS" button, which no longer works because of the plug-in problem.


Also, I was told by garmin that when you create a pocket query, even if it contains 1000 caches, it is still considered only one GPX file. So if your Garmin has a memory capacity of 4000 GPX files, you can get a heck of a lot of geocaches into your unit.

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