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As always, I look to you guys for tips and "beware of's", don't let this or that happen/check on .......... To that end, is there anything you'd like to add for us to check into or tell the foreman when we drop the old gal off?


We have our 2003 37ft Gas MH booked in for an alignment for Wednesday (long overdue, as always life gets in the way!). Truck alignment company Southside Frame and Alignment in Calgary AB 46 years in business. Advised as follows:



They provide a before and after print out (read that somewhere here so asked)

Front and Rear Alignment = $190

Laser set and Tracking = $100

Camber and Toe adjust = $97 x 2

Tracking + Tram Rear = $340


Asked if where we've added extra batteries if it's slightly overweight (don't believe it is but just in case!), any solutions, and she mentioned they'd put in a block.


Anything you folks feel need to be considered, mentioned at drop off to them?


Tires have wore uneven for many years = had more sets through over caution replacing often than I care to think about. We will replace all 6 tires, and I recall reading somewhere about avoiding a certain make/model of tire. Appreciate any comments here and what would be the ideal tires make, model size etc to put on her?


As always, thanks for your input folks. If we are spending this kind of money now using her more and more, want to try and get it right at the front end, (and rear LOL).


Cheers, FTW.

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Are you saying the total cost will be $824? That seems very high, but I suppose that if it is good enough...............


I never did put any of the motorhomes that we owned through nearly as much as your list shows and really never saw any need for it. I always replaced tires between 5 & 8 years of use and none were worn out so perhaps yours is needing more?

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Unless I'm spaced out; a front end alignment IS setting front toe-in, camber and castor. Most all modern wheel alignment machines are laser measurements. a four-wheel alignment is front and rear axle wheels. If your MH is not running down the road sideways, only a front wheel alignment is required. Someone following your MH, watching closely, will see that. I do know prices are much higher in Canada, but WOW. It may pay to call around for more quotes before dragging out the checkbook.

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Depending on the front axle the alignment may be a lot more complicated than you'd expect from a car or pickup. Toe is easy, you just crank the adjustable link but camber and caster may require a bit of disassembly and added shims. Splitting it into three billable items is good if they only charge you for the ones that need done rather than all three even if they are fine.

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As always you guys "rock" :) :) :) I asked what the price was and initially was quoted just one figure and I asked what if's scenarios and they gave me these as a breakdown I shared above. Stanley you are right if we don't need everything done then we only pay for what we do as broken down above, nonetheless I always like to know what hopefully the worst scenario on cost might be and hope for the best. Somehow though when it comes to this rolling can of joy, it usually still ends up more than we ever get quoted as the worst case scenario. Ho hum, but every miles a memory so what do ya do?


With regards to Canada being more expensive than the states, that's true on many counts when looking at par instead of fluctuation exchange rates, as a FYI, she mentioned the door rate was C$136/hour. Generally speaking with the good established truck alignment folks down in the USA would you mind sharing what typical rates are and where, as I'm sure around NYC it'd be a lot higher than Great Falls Montana for example, so be good to get a broad idea, file the info away in case we need to do it again and get it done when south of the border.

Once again as always, I genuinely and truly appreciate your kindness on this forum with feedback, cautions, your experiences you so kindly share and basically just being so generous with your time.

Thanks to you all.

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