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Gotta Love Camping .... Well Mostly.....


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Hmmm.....had a wonderful long weekend camping with (4) other couples, as well as a great friend of all of ours who has stage four cancer (brain, breasts, and bone)....it was awesome to see her laugh with us like old times....we are all old Harley Bikers...so had plenty of stories to keep her laughing, and she actually stayed with us for two nites..


Went to leave...fired the Motor Home up as I always do when getting things taken down...just as we were getting into it, it flat quit....DagNabit...

After several hours of messing with it, and replacing a few parts I said enough...

Campground allowed me to let it sit, so had it towed to a repair shop today...

Oh well, still worth the friendship and hopefully a few happy days for our friend..

Here is a before and after picture...NOT what we want to look at.. LOL


HAPPY DAYS..... :)







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A few difficulties along the way are just the price we pay for the great experiences that life brings!


Lately I've been hanging on to that belief as we just lost a very good friend to cancer who we met and grew close to as a result of our RV experience. His loss will leave a huge hole in our lives, but that was because we got so much from his being our friend! Things will get better with time.

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Oh, that second picture is sooooo sad; I can barely stand to look at it because I know my day is probably coming. RVing is an adventure. Even the bad days will become humorous stories to tell around the camp fire.... Eventually.

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