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Recommend Doctors around Livingston?

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We will be going Full-Time later this year and will be moving our Domicile to Texas at this time. We will not be returning to Ohio for any extended periods or on a regular basis.

Therefore, we are looking to find a Doctor (internist) that we can get established with, get our physical exam, etc. Ideally, we would like to find someone who understands the Escapee's Full Time lifestyle.

Do you have any recommendations of doctors in the Livingston area who are accepting new patients and would be appropriate? We would much prefer your recommendations vs. picking someone from a web page.

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Are you planning to spend a lot of time in Livingston, TX? Many full-timer do not, even though it's their domicile. You're under no obligation to go there continually.


I would recommend choosing a place that you will definitely spend a lot of time. Most choose where they stay in winter and travel in the other seasons. Some spend a chunk of time visiting family in the summer and travel the rest of the time.


Whatever your travel plans, choose your primary doctors where you'll be at the most. Being full-timers we're all lucky that we can choose where the best medical facilities will be for us.


While traveling it hasn't been a problem for us in getting other needed medical help, if necessary. Just make sure your medical insurance will allow you to go to doctors throughout the country. Some plans do not or it's very difficult to do so. Good luck!

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I had not responded previously, as I have no knowledge of the doctors in Livingston, but since we are discussing the options now, I'll offer a few thoughts based upon our experiences.


Another consideration is your health situation. If you have any continuing medical issues or if you are on any sort of maintenance drugs you will want a primary doctor to visit at least annually to renew prescriptions and to monitor existing medical issues. Depending upon what those conditions are, you may prefer to continue with the current doctors or to locate new doctors in a location that you expect to visit at least annually, or perhaps in an area where you have family that you would wish to be near in the event of a major hospitalization. If you do change doctors and have continuing medical issues, very likely that new doctor will want to do at least some of the tests required to confirm your current doctor's diagnosis and he/she may well change at least some of your medications. With many diagnosis this will mean staying in the local of the doctor for a period of from a month to several months if changing medications.


If you happen to be one of those who are healthy enough that you mostly visit the doctor for an annual physical and take no continuing medications, then the change of doctor should be a pretty simple and quick thing, but if under continuing care it may not be so easy or quick. The other issue is to locate a doctor which you like and who accepts new Medicare patients as well as any Medicare supplement which you carry.


Domicile is a rather complicated issue if it happens to be challenged, but very few of us experience a court challenge of ours unless it happens via a taxing authority at the time we first move to the fulltime lifestyle. It may be important to make a complete brake from your current one but it doesn't have to include changing doctors, or you could pick new doctors in a location different from your base of domicile with no issues. You really don't have to change everything, and when changing it doesn't need to be all in a single location, so long as there is enough in your domicile location to support your claim if you should be challenged. Domicile suits are possible, but for most people they are not probable so it is a case of using good judgement based upon your potential issues.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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