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RG6 cable - is most any RG6 OK?

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In our 5th-wheel we have Dish Network equipment: VIP211k receiver connected to a Tailgater portable antenna. We carry it with us from campground to campground.

My existing cable that runs from the trailer to the portable antenna just got ruined (someone (not me) tripped over it and jerked the cable out of the connector. I now need a new 50' cable.

I went to my local hardware store (the local RadioShack is now closed) and they sell a 50' RCA Quad Shield RG6 coax cable (3 GHz) for around $23. The packaging says nothing about being weather resistant or for indoor use or indoor/outdoor use.

Do you think this cable would be OK? Or is there another cable I should look for (I'm thinking rainy weather problem)?

Thanks for your suggestions.




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My next site neighbor knocked on my door a couple of days ago with DirecTV issues. He had just moved a working TV/DirecTV receiver from inside his RV to outside and he had no signal. He has the 18" round dish with two RG6 leads coming from it so I know the dish aiming was still OK since the remaining inside TV was still working fine. When looking at the ends of the coax he was using I found corrosion in both ends. I have had the same problem occasionally so I have spare ends and a stripping/compression tool. I replaced both ends on his coax and problem solved. I saw him heading to Lowes a few hours latter to pick up his tools/ends.

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Like others have said, just put a new end on it. If you see a Direct or Dish installer truck, stop and buy 50' of cable off them. Usually $.05 a foot. Have them put new ends on it. Maybe have $3-4 in a new cable.


I carry a couple of extra 50' cables and end repair stuff.

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