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Valve Extenders


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We have a new 2015 Winnebago Vista with 22.5 wheels. We have a TPMS system we want to put on and are looking for valve extenders for the duallies. From past experience we don't want the flexible extenders but solid ones. Years ago we bought extenders for our MDT at an Escapade but have no idea who we bought them from. Any help would be appreciated.

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Since this is our first Class A I find it interesting that more people haven't posted regarding how they addressed the inner tires with extensions. I have posted on this question on other sites and had minimal to no response. Is the worry over tire pressure only and MDT/HDT worry? I personally worry more about the Class A tire pressures than than our previous MDT tire pressures. I knew if I blew a tire on a dually with the MDT the other tire would support the truck, don't know the answer with a Class A. Also, if I don't have a TPMS on an inner tire in a Class A how will I know it lost air.

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The statement "if I blew a tire on a dually with the MDT the other tire would support the truck" is used by many truckers as a poor reason to stay with dual tires over super singles.


The truth is that putting the load of two tires onto one usually destroys the remaining tire but it doesn't show right away. It usually fails on the next route. This is why fleets are having TPMS systems installed on their vehicles.


We have found that using a TPMS to monitor tire pressure has meant the need to top off tires is significant reduced. Each time a tire pressure gauge is applied to a tire stem, a small bit of air is released. Since we don't have to top off tires often, we found that using a tool to easily install the TPMS sensor on the inner dual stem directly was the best solution. Stem extenders put strain on the stem connection at the wheel.


Having the correct type of air chuck is important too. The end of the chuck should be straight not the typical 45 degree angle to properly connect to the inner dual valve stem.

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I had DuallyValves installed on mine and they work great.

The web site is DuallyValve I checked the web site and it seems to be having some issues.

Another place that carries them is the TireMan . I liked the first site above better because they had an app that gave you the part number based on your vehicle info.


These aren't extenders but are long formed metal valve stems that replace the old ones. They also come with an insert for the hand holes that stabilize the long stems.


As of 3:00 pm mst 11 Jun the DuallyValve web site above seems to be up and running.

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Thanks everyone. We need to take the MH to the dealer next week and there are 4 truck stops in the area so we will kill time by visiting the truck stops and checking them out. If we don't have any luck with that, we will go ahead and order some.

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