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Oregon National Guard doing something right


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Local guard unit (1-82 CAV) recently returned for ten months in Afghanistan and sure is a great feeling to see the welcome home they received. BIG welcome ceremony at the Deschutes County fairgrounds when they arrived. http://vfw12141.org/Photos/2015/82nd_homecoming1.mp4


Yesterday afternoon a wonderful de-mobilization ceremony was held at Bend's Vince Gina Stadium for them. http://www.ktvz.com/news/bend-national-guard-unit-welcomed-home/33067830


Yesterday morning a Yellow Ribbon event was held in the morning to assist in their re-integration to civilian life. I had the pleasure of attending the morning event as a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Many veteran support groups were there to show their support for the troops and showcase the services available to our veterans.


Sure is great seeing this kind of support for the troops today. Sure wasn't like that back in the 60s & 70s! Let's all keep up the good work supporting these brave men and women. Only hope we can get some of them to join the VFW and help in the continuing fight for our veterans rights. EVERY new member goes toward another vote in Congress!



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I'm tickled that guard and reserve units do as much for their combat vets as we see done here for active duty troops. But folk that are not military have to grasp that these warriors leave jobs and families, where for active duty troops, we are doing our regular job, but still leave our families. Both are to be and usually are applauded. I have been in when the Reserves weren't necessarily combat ready in the 70s, and watched them belly up to the bar where their combat skillsets are as good as ours, better in some cases. (civilian pilots who pilot fighters or A-10s when their guard or reserve units activate for a trip downrange.)


Thank you Len for the smile today, and for participating too. We live near Barksdale and participate in retiree and AFSA (Air Force Sergeant's Association) division local activities. It's great to be able to stay part of our military family, even when our watch is over, we can mentor, help, and at least cheer the young warriors on. I've friends here who are retired reservists who were surprised at how many of us younger active duty, retired, and other vets hold them in high esteem, and still think we are part of your military family too. Even my civilian family tree has different branches that never forget our common roots. Huah.


Edit: Forgot to comment that I liked the video too! Still smiling.

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In recent decades the Guard and Reserve have certainly changed and I am very supportive of that change. These units are now highly trained, well equipped military units that can be deployed in a very short timeframe. In the Iraq and Afghanistan wars Guard and Reservists made up sometimes as much as 40% of the American military deployed there.


Just looking at it from an economic standpoint, it makes sense. And I certainly like the idea of a well trained, well equipped civilian population.



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The guard and reserve have proven their mettle time and time again. From Korea, Vietnam and the never ending war we are in now, these units have deployed over and over again. Like Derek said, for us it was our normal job but those in the guard and reserve leave their normal lives and serve with honor and distinction.


For some reason, there are those that look down their nose at these units and snort derisive comments and try to make them appear to be unable to even pull off something as simple as a ceremony.


I worked with guard troops several times and everyone of them were outstanding and in many cases were able to provide additional training to our shop personnel.

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