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Question for iRod


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Buddy of mine is looking for a campground for next winter in the Fort Lauderdale area. He's pulling with a Volvo, the fifth is a 42 foot Space Craft. Where did you and Jeremiah stay last few winters and how was it?

Any suggestions from other folks is also welcome.

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I responded to an email sent from Mrs Phoenix. Here is a copy.




Keeping Henry busy?
I am quite a distance from Plantation so I don't know if he will be up for the commute. I am at a "County Park" and there is a 180 day limit for any person or RV to remain on a spot. The park also is completely full during "Season" it is on a first reservation gets the spot and there is a ?? day limit to pre registration to keep it "Fair". Not sure how that works when I have seen the same people on the same spot for multiple years, guess they know to the second when they can call to reserve the spot.
I am at John Prince Park 4159 S. Congress Ave. Lake Worth, Fl 33462 It's a nice park with paved pads and most spots are OK to get into. I have had the Space Craft into two of the spots without much difficulty. It has been "off season" for both of those stays though. It is right next to the Lantana Airport where all hours of the day and night there can be private planes both fixed wing and rotary wing taking off and landing. There is flight training for both almost constantly.
There are other parks in Broward County (closer to Plantation) I stayed at TY Park in Hollywood
Ty is just off I 95 in Hollywood, Fl. the only issue there is the lack of trees, having to drive through the whole park to get to the campground and the busy railway track just over the fence. I was there for 3 months and enjoyed the stay after I got used to the trains.
Broward also has another park near the everglades I think off 1 75 (Alligator Alley). I have an acquaintance who seemed to have stayed there for a couple years with a motorhome. He remarked that it was quiet and well off the beaten track. Do not recall the name but it may have had "Everglades" in it.
Ask Henry if he remembers my ramp brackets that were taken off when we did the hitch?. They were left at the "paint" place when we put the hitch back on and I said I would stop by one day to pick them up. Have they made it to your house yet? It won't be this weekend but in a few weekends I'd like to come up either on Saturday or Sunday to retrieve them.
Hope all is well. If you need any additional info on campgrounds let me know or you may share my info with the inquiring party.


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We checked the John Prince park this morning, saw your Space Craft in the slot. Mark has his eye on site # 251 he also has a dozen other that 'would do'. They "enforce" 90 day prior to arrival registration rule to 'keep it fair' and a 5 month limit for extended stay. Mark will be back in a month or so and will check the other place too.

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I looked at 251 today and it's a nice spot but wouldn't be my first choice. There is a tree on the south east side of the spot which may give some morning shade, but nothing to give afternoon and evening. The slots further east would give the trailer blocking the sun from the west. I have gotten my truck and trailer into spot 266 and could remain hooked up,



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