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Florida Address and CCW

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Does anyone know how using the Escapees Florida mail service address would impact getting a concealed carry permit? A Gypsy Journal subscriber told me he uses a different Florida mail forwarding service and he was denied because it was not considered a residential address.

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Good question Nick. I've wondered the same thing since all the crackdown on mail forwarding addresses in the financial world. I DO know that the Escapees address for TX still works for a CCW in TX.At least it did a year or so ago. But I wonder if the FL or SD addresses are different somehow since they were established later.

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I don't know, Jack. I've been told, but cannot confirm first hand, that some gun shops in SD will not sell to purchasers who use SD mail service addresses.

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In SD the sheriffs don't have a problem with mail forwarding addresses, but they now make you show receipts for living in SD for 30 days to get or renew a CCW. It can be at a campground, motel or rental apartment, as long as you can show you were in the County for 30 days.

Cabella's Rapid City store does have a policy of not selling firearms to those using a PMB address, but most other gun shops don't care.


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I had no problem with my Florida license when I used MyRVmail in Crestview. After my last move I notified Tallahassee of my new address. I was informed that I would not be getting a new license even though my license has an old address on it. I was told it did not matter because the new licenses do not list any address at all.


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Good information to share. Question? Has anyone run into information on the Maryland Police scam on running your tags against the State lists of folks with a permit for weapons and may be transporting them in their car or RV and passing thru Maryland?




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Cannot vouch for FL but TX does issue CHL's with the SKP address. Also as for traveling it is your responsibility to know the laws in each state especially if you are carrying. As for any state that your CCW is not valid you are still allowed by federal law to peaceably journey thru that state as long as the weapons are unloaded and locked away and not in your cab if it does not have a trunk.

There are plenty of websites and apps that will tell you the laws of each state.

Just use common sense!


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As far as So Dakota firearms purchases using a PMB. Cabellas and Schields in Rapid City have been pressured by the ATFE to deny sales to anyone who has a PMB as their address. Other gun stores in the area will gladly take your money.

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It would not surprise me at all the MD State Police would do that.

I lived in Maryland for 20+ years and shot at a local range locally.

One evening the guy at the desk warned me on the way out to drive straight home as the State Police were staking out the parking lot and following people leaving from the range.

Their translation of the current MD gun laws as that you were allowed to carry an unloaded gun in a case so long as it was in the trunk and separated from the ammunition.

BUT they read into that that that was when driving directly to and from a shooting facility. So if you stopped at McDonalds drive thru on the way home they would bust you and seize any weapons you were carrying.

They also refused CCW's which were allowed by law - for anyone except politicians.


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