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VA medications while full-timing


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Are you going to change your domicile to a club like Escapees? If so, you have no issues and it's pretty straight forward.


If you are going to stay with your PCP / medical center that you have now just go and update your home / mailing address.


We use the SKP mail services and they are top notch. We have our meds mailed to our "address" and then forwarded to where ever we're at. Our account allows us to call and have the mail sorted, junk thrown away and if we needed, important mail read, and let us know if any VA meds are there.

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Welcome to the Escapee forums! Join in with all or any of the subject areas as we are happy to have your input!


I get mine mailed in 90 day supplies and can change the address mailed to if I wish. Most of us have a mail service somewhere that acts as our address while traveling and it is usually also used as a legal domicile. Like Dave, I use Escapees mail service and it was our domicile for 12 years as fulltimers. There are benefits to most of us in changing our domicile to a more favorable location and if you have not considered doing this, let me suggest you read this article about domiciles that is posted to our website.

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