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Canoe sailing?

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We have an inflatable that I have a sail for but according to CA law if I put the sail on it then it has to be registered ! And am rather reluctant to try it out until the water warms up enough for me to see if we can get back aboard in deep water if we roll it or if we would have to swim back :blink: Not sure about AZ laws guess I should find out :huh:

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I have turned mine over once in two months. We are on Grand Isle, LA and was in the marsh, and luck had it that I was able to walk to shore. But I did find out I need a bucket with me so I can bail the thing out. I'm not sure how an inflatable works? Does it have leeboards? I have been having a great time with it. Thanks for your reply.....



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I had a Grumman aluminum canoe I bought 40 years ago that had a sail rig on it. We just sailed it around the lake we lived on north of Seattle, WA and then it got stolen off our beach. The replacement was not as light and even though we still have it we've never sailed it. All the sail rig consisted of was a rudimentary system made from plywood and clamped in place anyway.


Looks like it would be fun to get back into. Easy to haul on a rack on our Wrangler, too.


As I progressed into my 70s I'm finding my balance is not what it used to be; and all my kayaks are narrow and twitchy (except for the SOF Mariner Coaster replicas which are pretty stable). I'm thinking more canoe all the time.



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We sail a Hobie Tandem Island 18' sailing kayak. First sailboat was a 15' Grumman canoe with a 17' sailing rig bought used when a camp closed down. From there to a MFG Pintail, a Hunter 25, a Nonsuch 26, and an Island Packet 35 that we lived aboard during a year-long sabbatical. Now our cruising vehicle is an RV van and sailing has come full circle to the sailing kayak. My parents still have the Grumman canoe!







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I tried them on the center of the canoe but I found them to be too close to the water! I like them to be out of the water for the most part. I feel they catch me when I get a surprise blow and give me that second to react. When they where in the middle, like I said before, they where in the water and I felt they where too much drag and then there was no healing over. I have used them when not sailing in the middle to stable the canoe for fishing. My Wife gets excited sometimes and thinks she is still on a stable bass boat! Takes the guess work out of her setting the hook.


Thanks for the comments....

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