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Finally found my water leak


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After spraying a small ocean's worth of water on my truck, time and time again, I have finally located my leak. I happened to be talking to a volvo mechanic I know and mentioned it to him. He immediately told me to check the cabin air filter under the hood.


Here is a video showing how to change the filter so you can all see what/where I am talking about.


Now, the area "in front" of the filter is deeper and has a rubber "drain", "valve" or whatever you want to call it. Any water that gets in "should" go to the bottom, below the filter and out through the drain. Well, my drain was plugged and then the water turned the dust to mud and the mud gummed up the valve even more. I can see a water mark an inch or more up the filter. When I reached up under the housing to just flex the little rubber flapper it just crumbled. The good news is that the water can now drain :) , the bad news is that I need to replace this little valve do-hickey. Does anyone have a parts list or blow up diagram of that filter housing??

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Phil I have the same thing and I responded to your email. It is not hard to replace but you have to pull some parts off (air cleaner and then the filter box) if it is the same thing I had to replace. It was a round piece of rubber with a rubber nubbin in the center that popped up through a hole up from the bottom. You could possibly replace it in place but it would be a 2 person job (one on top and one on the bottom) because your arms are not long enough to reach both places. Mine was pulled apart for a different reason so that is why I remember replacing it when it was all apart.



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Thanks y'all. I guess I am dealership bound, since I have no idea what that is called, etc


Brad, Chance is the one that told me to look there. He said it is a common enough leak.


I think I will replace the gasket around the screen on top while I am at it.

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Scott, the "valve" at the bottom is part #20440995 and costs $17. The gasket that goes around the grill is 20447222 and costs $9.

Of course now that I have the part numbers I can find them online for about half that price, but my local shop took the time to search out the numbers, so I figured buying from him is the right thing to do.


Hope those are the part numbers you need, Phil

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