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Five desktop PCs that fit in your pocket: Intel Compute Stick, Google's Chromebit and more


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The article includes a review and price/capabilities for the:




"Compute Stick

The Intel Compute Stick plugs into displays via HDMI and ships with either Windows 8.1 for $149 or Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS) for $110.

Specs are comparable to a mid-range tablet, with a quad-core Intel Z3735F Bay Trail processor and integrated graphics.

(Specs in article)



The Chromebit will provide a modern, low-end, PC for under $100 when it launches this summer.

The Chrome OS machine can be plugged into any monitor or TV with an HDMI port. The device should have enough power to meet the needs of the average home user, with specs reported to include - (Specs in article)


MK802 V5 Linux Edition

Another HDMI stick housing a Linux PC, the £105 ($155) V5 LE packs similar power to the Chromebit.

The machine is aimed at home-desktop, thin-client and other users, and runs Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with the Xfce desktop. Manufacturer Rikomagic says it can boot within six seconds.

(Specs in article)


MK802III Linux Edition

For those on a tighter budget, the Cloudsto MK802III Linux Edition offers a desktop machine for £65, or about $96.

Running PicUntu Linux, a custom-build of the Ubuntu 12.10 OS, the machine is slightly less well-specced than the others listed here - (Specs in article)


MeeGoPad T01

Like the Intel Compute Stick, this $108 Windows 8.1 machine packs a quad-core processor and 2GB RAM.

(Specs in article)


You can see pictures of each and full descriptions in the original article here: http://www.techrepublic.com/pictures/five-desktop-pcs-that-fit-in-your-pocket-intel-compute-stick-googles-chromebit-and-more/1/


The comments at the bottom bear reading too. These things are neat, cheap and slick. Who needs a smart TV anymore?

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WiFi connect-ability? I didn't hit the link to look them up. May do a search later. Thinking of a TV upgrade and since I watch most of my TV online plugging in a "Stick" might be the thing to do. Leave the laptop for "Real" computer stuff.



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I believe they do. Check the link and then go to the manufacturer's website for any that look good to you. These sure look easier than the micros computers since they are designed for one thing, HDMI to TV computer access on the big screen..

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I doubt that would ever work Vlad because the average computer has only HDMI out profiles and drivers, none for in except for very high end machines like my Dell XPS one 2720. In addition to the six USB3 and one Thunderbolt port, it has both an HDMI out AND an HDMI in because it is a quad HD 27" touch screen and does great with movies etc. I currently have my Roku 3 connected to the 2720's HDMI in. I rarely use it, once in a while checking to see what is new on Internet TV.


So without checking them your best bet is to ask your manufacturer if the HDMI can be programmed as an in. Another solution would be to contact the manufacturers of the stick computers and ask them if there is an adapter that would let them work as an adapter to a laptop or desktop. If they do not have it I would, if I were still interested in the rat race, immediately get with an engineer and start selling them with an adapter for true insulation from the internet more removed from the system. Nah, the more I think about it the more I realize that a nice little 24" HDMI TV like the insignia I just bought with two HDMI ins and 1080 p full HD would make more sense and likely cost the same or less. Then I could just hook up my Computer HDMI out to the TV HDMI 1, and the stick in the HDMI 2 and use the stick totally separate from the computer. Then, when I wanted the computer direct, just change the TV's input from HDMI 2 ( the stick) to HDMI one the desktop.


I actually am using the TV in the spare bedroom in a very large cherry armoire that is my recording station. I have my Sony C-100 Hi 8 VCR and a Toshiba DVD recorder as well as the TV and cable connected and the TV is also the computer screen via the HDMI out on the computer. It is my back up system, which mirrors this one. A Lenovo i5 quad with 8 GB of RAM small footprint desktop with USB 3.0 and dual band wireless. If I was not connecting to the other items that would work just fine for your purpose, no?

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Here is a photo of that set up but it is so dark you almost can't see the desktop in the lower left bottom of the armoire.



The top of that armoire has the Yamaha YSP 800 sound system with a Yamaha sub on the floor to the right unseen you can also see the Toshiba recorder better:



The TV in this pic was a Vizio 19" that was really bad picture wise as if you were not straight on to it watching, it faded badly with any angle up or down or side to side, and was replaced with the 24" Insignia.



So if you did a set up with an HDMI TV you would have a completely separate system. The only thing I do not know is how easy the sticks would be to factory restore and if images can be made of them.

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