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5th wheel front skirts

Gypsy Traveler

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There is another topic on this around here that had some really good ideas for adding a track to the gooseneck and hanging a skirt from that, think it had part numbers and such too.


I'd be cheap and lazy, make a frame from PVC pipe and cover it with a white tarp.

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If your ever in the Gulf Shores area a lady there does custom skirts for the front of the fivers. She puts tracks on the fiver so all you have to do is slide the pieces of vinyl on. She puts a door where ever you want it and uses quality zippers and vinyl. She puts like a hem in the bottom of them so you can put a 1 1/4 piece of pvc so you can hold it down. She also has tabs sewed in for stakes. Quality work but not real cheap. Your looking at a little over $400 for it. To me its been very worth it and I would do it again if need be. It's a good place to put the bikes, the golf clubs, fishing gear, grill etc. I even bought a 4 tier plastic shelf that goes in there nicely for the small stuff if your staying for any length of time.


Warning.........she is a little slow on getting it done.


Here's her name and Internet address:


Y-Knot Canvas




I do have a phone number but I don't know if that is proper on this website. PM me and I will give it to you. If it's not a problem with the website please let me know from a moderator and I will post a phone number.


I forgot to add that in doing this room she also makes a boot built right into the skirt that covers the pin box also. Also a real nice bag for storing it......all included in the price.



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