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Adding a Four Point Lift


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I want to add a 4 point lift in my International 7500. I currently have a 22' box but want extra storage. I know that Gemini can build me a custom lift. But I wanted to know if could just use a standard for point lift from another manufacturer. I know I would have to reinforce the floor where the post lands but do you see any other reasons why I could not use one?


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Depends, are you talking about a general auto type lift or one for the interior of a stacker trailer?

I would be concerned with tie down points both for the lift and for items on the lift.

Also, power to raise and lower the lift, 12volt or 120volt?

Amount of lift height?

Space for power unit?




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I am talking about a general automotive lift you can go buy at such as this one.




My load would be more like 2500lbs if that. Let me know opinions. I have a 9500k generator with both 110 and 220. I not worries about the space for the power unit.

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I recently helped my Son install one like you are looking at in his garage...

A really nice set up, but it will move from side to side when installed. Due to it's design, they are not rigid. Not sure if you want that in a moving truck.

Good luck, and let us know what you do.



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To steady the unit, try using a hat shaped bracket around each post at the top above the travel of the lift to fasten to the wall of the box or use x bracing between the posts and the wall.


Watch the location of the power unit on the post to verify that you can get to it and it does not add to overall width.


That lift you posted has external safety rods that are easily bent. Try to find one where rods are not exposed.


You probably want a full deck and I would add tie down locations to strap items to the deck.


Let us how it works out. You will have limited head room underneath the deck in the raised position. Keep a hard hat handy.

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