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Amazon.com -- How to track a returned shipment


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Maybe someone else has had experience with this situation and can provide me some guidance.


I ordered some RV maintenance items from Amazon.com. My credit card was charged for the items when the order shipped.


The shipper, UPS, noted that the packaging was damaged and returned them to the shipper -- there was no attempted delivery to me.


The original tracking number shows that the items were delivered/returned to the shipper.


It has now been over a week and there is nothing new about the order, just the status that the order was returned.


I've searched and searched the Amazon website but there appears to be no way to contact anyone to inquire about the status of this order. From the order tracking page, cancelation is not an option either.


Has anyone else encountered this problem and, if so, how did you process? If you encountered a situation similar to mine, how long did you have to wait for the items to be reshipped to you?

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If you drill down deep enough in the customer service help area, you can get them to call you back. If you have your order number, etc, they should be able to clear things up. I had a return last fall which was taken care of very quickly.

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Thanks for the input. I finally worked my way through Amazon.com's six pages of "help" and did find a chat link. The CSR was very good (Arul was his name). In less than five minutes, Arul reordered the items and put the items on overnight delivery. I should have them by 8 p.m. tomorrow.




Thanks again, all. :)

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Amazon almost always emails you a link to evaluate the sellers performance, the shipping performance, and your satisfaction with your purchase. In the link, if you check the "not delivered" box, it ends the page and you get a follow-up email from Amazon. (I do anyway)

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Just to update this thread, after finally getting through to the CSR, Amazon overnighted the replacement items, all of which were cleaning items for the RV. One bottle actually leaked again on this shipment but it was minor.


I'm not going to blast anyone in the review because these kinds of things happen from time to time.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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