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golf cart batteries

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My 5th wheel needs four new Golf Cart batteries. The number on top of the batteries is -- U2200UT. I have tried to "google" that number with Interstate Batteries, and can not find anything at all. The batteries on my trailer are eight years old. Is there a different number for those batteries now? If I try to buy them myself and install them myself, how can I find the right size battery if that number is no long in use.


C. Skinner

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I wouldn't worry about getting exact replacements as you are replacing all batteries. Batteries come in standard sizes. Golf cart batteries are generally GC2. I think your issue simply is to measure your available space and then determine if the new batteries would fit. Google GC2 battery dimension and compare with the dimensions of your existing batteries. I suspect they will be the same. The bigger question for you is whether you want to replace with interstate or look at other brands. 8 years is AMAZING.

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Your existing batteries may be 220 AH, but as stated since your going with four new matched units as long as they physically fit in the compartment you will get by. While GC2 seems to be a standard size if you had room perhaps a slightly physically larger battery could provide you with more AH Capacity if needed. However if you got 8 years from what you had you must be doing something right so why fix what isn't broke lol. My current four 230 AH batteries came from Sams Club and are doing okay, but I think the next time around I may opt for Trojans and maybe even bigger then T 105.


John T

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Interstate doesn't seem to know much about "Golf Cart" batteries in my experience. My brother is a retailer for their auto and truck batteries but whenever I try to get information about a deep discharge battery they quickly loose interest in talking to me. Not sure why. I have found them on the web site but the delivery person can't seem to come up with them.



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