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Boot camp for beginner who has not bought first RV yet


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That is what we did in 2010. I would recommend it. Matter of fact got some feedback there that led us to eventually ending up with a Bluebird Wanderlodge. One of the instructors Neil had one previously and spoke very highly of it. Good Luck! You don't need an RV at the bootcamp.

George Roberts

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That's exactly what Boot Camp is all about! We did it last year in Congress before we bought our rig. We were not planning on buying so soon after attending Boot Camp but got so much good information and learned so much that we bought the rig we wanted within a couple of months.

Do it you'll love it.


2009 Monaco Cayman DP 38'


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Has anyone tried "apprenticeship" ? I am willing to work for training !

I'm not quite sure what sort of work you have in mind, so are you looking for someone to take you with them in the RV that person owns? Do you want to learn to operate the RV, drive it, maintain it, or just share the travels with someone who owns an RV?


You are asking the same thing but always on very old threads. I suggest that you make a new thread with your own subject and then supply more specifics about what you have in mind. I'm not quite sure what I would do with an apprentice. As a former Scoutmaster, I do know a lot about things like fire building and camp crafts, but most such skills are seldom used by people in RVs. Many of us here also have a lot of experience in maintenance and repair of RVs but we usually only do such things on an "as needed" basis so it is sometimes months between such jobs.

Good travelin !...............Kirk

Full-time 11+ years...... Now seasonal travelers.
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Thank you for pointing this out AGAIN. I'm sure you don't mean to hurt a newbie's feelings...I really don't think you are a good moderator...


Rude people always think there feeling are the only ones that count.

If you cruise around this site and it`s many subjects you will find out what many of us have learned from Kirk.

He has the best interests of all the rv`ers that are fortunate enough to visit the Escapees forums.

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