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New Samsung Galaxy S6 Series Smart Phones Due Out Soon


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My Note 3 has been, without question, the best cell phone I've ever owned. So good that I have ignored any attempts to lure me into upgrading it.... but the new S6 series may tip that balance.


Like every smart phone I've ever had (including a couple iPhones) each new generation brings something to the table that I didn't know I needed. When I could bill clients for reconfiguring a router from my kayak parked in an eddy next to the raging torrent through Deception Pass I thought that had to be the peak. Sitting there, dressed in a drysuit, gloves off and tapping at the virtual kb of a jailbroken iPhone 3 (inside its plastic baggy-style protection) and making a network's Cisco router do the right thing seemed pretty cool to me...


The Note 3 can do all of that and do it easier and faster... So what could a "Note 6" do?


No one knows but there are hints. Including better cameras, a metal back, curved sides...






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